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    Lightbulb Unity Minecraft Game! In-Browser

    Minecraft Unity v2.0 - You will need UnityWeb Player
    This game is like a minecraft(voxel) game I made while I was waiting for my new laptop so me and my friends can make our FPS game in CryEngine 3.
    The game is multiplayer but the multiplayer is only 98% done.
    I used Unity3d and Photon to create the game, the hardest part was generating the terrain.

    Some new features I added: Trees, 3d models/animations with skins, biomes(only 2 so far), animated water, better FPS, and more.
    Go to Options-> Features for full list.

    Press Esc in game to open controls.

    Old Features:


    Screens: Click to view full size
    Old Minecraft
    New Minecraft


    I wil soon make this open source to Unity Devs.
    Please feel free to give feedback.
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