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Thread: SMG2 Buzzing Sound & Lockup

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    Question SMG2 Buzzing Sound & Lockup


    I've recently been attempting to play a ripped version (courtesy of my friend who knows a hell of a lot more than me about homebrew) of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    However, most times the game locks up with an annoying buzzing sound that requires me to hard-reset the Wii. This also occurs with Super Mario Galaxy

    It seems to occur at the Main Menu when I click start, or when I click a Star to load a level, or finish a level (I managed to finish the first level without a lockup but when getting the first star, it just goes to a black screen)

    Now i've followed the 4.3E softmod guide at EXTERNAL FAILGUIDE DELETED Nintendo Wii 4.3 Softmod Guide

    And every other game like Metroid: Other M, Brawl, Prime Trilogy, etc. works without any issues, it's just this game and SMG1.

    Any idea how I can fix this issue, I'd really like to play this game.

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    Huh, you'd think we'd have a guide for that game (that's a hint). Why don't you post in the Introductions section and get some excellent starter links --- along with how to use the box in the upper right hand corner (that'd be the "search" box).


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