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Thread: just dance 2 songs don't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdude1 View Post
    Wiiflow IOS222 works now but it still has the same error as Wiiflow IOS 249 (Can't open BigFile). I tried looking online for someone with the same problem as me but all I could find was fixing the Can't open Bigfile error.
    Just stick with 222 then. In my experience, Hermes cIOS's (222/223/224) work best overall for game compatibility. Waninkoko's cIOS (249/250) are often used by utilities, but don't always work with games.
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    I fixed the wiiflow can't open bigfile error by upgrading to wiiflow 2.2 but it still has that Reading disk.... error. I think it might just be a problem with the backup

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