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Thread: newly added iso's to usb hd, just a black screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by stmcmurray76 View Post
    He says old game work, new iso's dont. It has nothing to do with ios' when launching from a usb loader, as long as you have the usual, cIOS 222,223,249,250. These (or whatever you set your loader to run from) will be the only ios' used. Its been tested.

    EDIT- Just read OP, sounds like all is good. No real prob till it comes up again.
    I know it has nothing to do with ios, i was just stating to u that this can be the case with usb loaders which u stated previously couldn't be. I agree with Krank that this is most likely a usb drive problem hence why i asked if he checked the compatibility list! I have had a similar problem on a friends wii which refused to run wbfs properly but when he changed it to fat it worked flawlessly which my be a solution to this problem as formatting your drive everytime u want to add a game would be a problem.

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    try to "add" or "transfer" addtional games with WiiBackup-Manager, instead of wbfs-manager. i experienced the former served better and not problem at all with my 320GB, adding ISOs time to time.

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    i'll try out WiiBackup-Manager adding iso's. i don't know if i can change the whole 1tb drive over to a fat32 partition. And my 320gb drive did the same thing after adding new games to the collection. Both were western digital my books.

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