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1. You're using disc only (no USB HD)?
2. "Same error message as above", the post above gives a black screen and no error message. This what you mean? <blink, blink>
3. When you say you have installed IOS 56, was it the proper revision (IOS56-64-v5146)?
4. You've used a wiihacks recommended softmodding guide? If so, which? What System Menu/region is your Wii?
1 Yes only disc loader - Neogamma 8
2 No meant the ......This time MulticIOS goes through all of the "downloading... OK" up to #15, then gives an error after installing... installing ticket... adding title... adding content id...

"some numbers" fail - 1017
install returned -1

3 Yes
4 Yes used the only quoted in original post for GH5 - Wii 4.1 Pal (used guide on here to update with softmod)

Thanks for help in advance