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Thread: Super Smash Bros. Brawl on USB Loader GX

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    hey guys i am using ciosx rev 19 (cios249) the game works pretty much but when i start the adventure mode (subspace emmisionary )the second cutscene should be related to pitt and zelda and peach but i get another cutscene with pikachu and samus with the mix up of 2 cutscenes please help

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    Here's my issue. My brawl either gets the white screen freeze or the wii disc error screen. I think this has to do with that fact that Brawl does not fully install in USB loader GX (938.dol) and Wiiflow. It suspiciously ripped too fast. In USBloaderGX, around 50% the screen starts shaking and then it automatically turns to 100%. In Wiiflow, it also rips normally until 50%, and then it too turns 100%. I ripped using the legit, retail disc. I have Hermes 222v4 installed and set USBloader GX to IOS 222 before I ripped brawl. Anyone help?

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