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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough

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    Part 10: The Engine Room - Sea Slide Galaxy

    The Engine Room [SM.03.07]

    Gold Leaf Galaxy [SM.03.7A]

    Stars required: 34

    ***** Star Bunnies on the Hunt *****

    It's more like you're on the hunt, to be more precise. The bunnies can't find
    the blue shards. so you have to. Pass the bunny and take the left path. Go up
    and you'll find the first blue shard stuck between three Piranha Plants. The
    next one is a level down. Stomp the three logs here to create a launch star,
    which'll shoot you up to the second shard.

    The third shard is near the waterfall. Jump-kick your way there and break the
    box to find it. Head back to the part where you stomped logs and find the
    swing. Swing a bit and you'll notice a launch star. Use it to get up and grab
    the fourth.

    To get the fifth, you need to head back to the place where you started and
    hold the flower. Spin and you'll reach the other side. Walk to the right and
    walk up to the wall until you reach another platform. Stomp on the trampoline
    and you'll get the final part.

    Head to the launch star and the 'hard' part will begin. You need to chase the
    bunny. Once again. Since it never gets old. Run around the planet until you
    find a button. Stomp on it to make some platforms come up. This will help you
    catch the bunny. Catch the bunny. Get star. Nintendo, something new please.

    ***** Cataquack to the Skies *****

    Do you remember star 1? You don't? That's...

    Anyway, move to the part where you had to stomp three logs in order to get to
    a launch star. There is a Cataquack here, who won't hurt you (like in Super
    Mario Sunshine or Mario Kart: Double Dash), but will shoot you upwards. Make
    it shoot you upwards, so you can launch yourself away.

    You'll land at another familiar part. You need to walk up to the wall again,
    launch yourself up and eventually reach a launch star. Take it.

    It's a small planet, and there's a Cataquack at it. Not just that, there's
    also a Cataquack symbol. Lure the Cataquack to the symbol to launch yourself
    to the next planet.

    It's the same deal here, but this planet is more complicated. Find the way to
    the symbol first and destroy crates or enemies that can annoy you. Find the
    Cataquack and make it follow you to the symbol. Launch yourself up once again.

    There are a few Cataquacks here and the goal is ignore them all until you
    reached the small part where the Cataquack will be able to launch you up to
    the launch star. It'll take a few tries, most likely.

    Now this is even more fun. You need to find the huge wooden building? There is
    a Bee Mario power-up near it, high above a field of grass. Get the Cataquack
    to throw you towards it, then move near the tower. Get the Cataquack to launch
    you up and fly on top of the tower. Get to the higher platform and from here
    fly from flower to flower until you get the star.

    ***** When it Rains, it Pours *****

    This one is much easier than the others. Make your way to the part where you
    found your first blue shard during star 1 (take the left path and go up). You
    can turn into Bee Mario here. Note the set of flowers with one cloud above the
    second. Fly there, and step on the wooden structure.

    From here on it's just more of the same - keep avoiding the clouds and
    enemies, and find the trampoline to get up. At the tower you need to avoid
    getting wet from the rain while making your way up. At the end you'll find a
    rock. Stomp it and use the vine to reach the boss.

    If you're Bee Mario here you will have an easier time, but don't worry if you
    turn normal again. What you need to do is reach the other side (jump-kicking
    is the best way when normal) and stomp on the button. This will make some
    platforms come up. Go there and then jump on the device of the mole and stomp
    on the glass. If you're really fast you can do this twice before the platforms
    go down again. If you're even faster you can probably do it all in one time.
    Hit him three times to claim the star.

    ***** The Bell on the Big Tree *****

    Head over to the big tree and attach yourself to a bubble. Ring the bell here
    and follow the notes. Once you got them all, the star will appear.

    ***** Cosmic Mario Forest Race *****

    Nothing much to say here, just win the race.

    ***** Purple Coins in the Woods *****

    You have 3.5 minute to get all the coins. Simply follow the path to get them
    all. None are hidden or out of sight.

    Sea Slide Galaxy [SM.03.7B]

    Stars required: 36

    ***** Going after Guppy *****

    This one is just too easy. There's a shark in the sea that doesn't want to
    share it with the penguins. Head over for a friendly talk. You need to follow
    the shark and go through 8 rings. After the first ring you'll find a red
    shell which makes it even easier. Just pass through the 8 rings and get your

    ***** Faster than a Speedy Penguin *****

    Way to be original. Talk with the purple penguin to enter the race. Grab the
    red shell and just make sure you finish first. It's as easy as that.

    ***** The Silver Stars of Sea Slide *****

    At least this one doesn't involve a race. You need to collect 5 silver stars,
    as we have done before.

    Go to the first isle and turn into Bee Mario. Fly up to the palm tree, then
    fly to the cloud and then fly to the stone gate to find your first one.

    The second is near where you landed when you started the quest for the second
    star. Enter the cannon and shoot yourself towards the spaceship. Use the blue
    stars to get the second silver star. Use the launch star to get back.

    The third one is near the firehouse. Turn into Bee Mario if you weren't
    already and find the palm tree with the blocks in front of it. Floating above
    this palm tree is the third silver star. You can use the launch star to get
    back to the beginning of the level.

    Head back and then fly to the tree as Bee Mario. Get all the way to the top to
    get the fourth silver star.

    The last one isn't much harder. Head to the spot where Guppy is. Spin the
    valve for a stream of water to show up. Enter it and head to the top (use the
    question coin if you want) for the final star. Launch yourself back to the
    beginning and get the star.

    ***** Hurry, he's Hungry *****

    You'll find a hungry Luma near the cannon. Give it 40 starbits and launch
    yourself towards the planet. Get all 40 notes here to gain yet another star.

    ***** Underwater Cosmic Mario Race *****

    Make sure you grab a shell as soon as you can and stay ahead of Shadow Mario.
    Not hard, really.

    ***** Purple Coins by the Seaslide *****

    Become a bee and follow the clouds to get most of the coins. Sometimes you
    need to take a small detour to get some coins (i.e. at the lighthouse), but it
    should be easy.

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    Part 11: Toy Time Galaxy - Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor

    Toy Time Galaxy [SM.03.7C]

    Stars required: 40

    ***** Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser *****

    Board the train and get to the other side to reach the launch star. From where
    you land jump to the purple-ground. This is ground that will we walkable, no
    matter what position it has. Great to know, right? Head down and from there
    keep walking straight towards an enemy that shoots a laser at you. Head right
    and walk around the purple zone until you reach a yellow drill. Drill it out
    and head back to the beginning of the planet (after you used the purple zone).

    Walk towards the small Mecha-Bowser and spin the drill here. Fall down and
    find the blue drill. Now continue the path to reach a launch star.

    There will be a new power-up here - Spring Mario. Press A when you land to
    jump extra high. Jump up to a platform with a few belts. Take the right one
    to find a pipe. Inside jump all the way up and the blocks will turn into
    starbits. That's not where we need to go though. Stay on the belt and jump to
    the platform in the middle. From here, jump to the upper belt. Now reach the
    top and shoot yourself away.

    Gain the power-up again here and jump to the top of the bottle. Stomp the rock
    to reach the launch star.

    It's time for a 'boss'. Walk to the left leg and jump-kick up. Spin the drill
    and use the pipe to get to the other leg. Spin the drill here as well to get a
    launch star.

    More drills here. Once you took all four off, enter the pipe that showed up.
    You need to walk on the arm now and spin the drill for a new launch star to
    appear. From here on turn into Spring Mario and get to the top of the head.
    Break the rocks here to destroy the Mecha-Bowser and get a star.

    ***** Mario meets Mario *****

    Jump on the train and reach the launch star. So far so good, right? It's time
    to collect shards (yet) again. One is on top of the laser-enemy, the others
    can be found at the structure at the other one. Find the drill and spin it to
    reach a new piece of shard. This is where the launch star will appear.

    You'll land on a huge Mario that's made out of lava, green tiles and yellow
    tiles. The yellow tiles will turn if you step on them, you know about the
    other two. Make sure you leave some tiles left where you start, because you
    need to go back in order to grab the star later on. The best way to navigate
    through the field is by jump-kicking. Grab the five silver stars (and the 1-up
    if you want) and then return to the beginning for the star.

    ***** Bouncing Down Cake Lane *****

    Once again jump on the train and reach the launch star. Get the Spring Mario
    upgrade and wall-jump your way up. Reach the belt and keep jumping in order to
    avoid the chocolate walls. At the end jump down to reach the next planet.

    You need to hop around the cake to the other side of the white chocolate wall
    and reach the launch star.

    Head to the other side and jump into a pole. Go as low as you can go and jump
    to the next one. At the end wait for the platform to come near you and jump on
    it. The enemy in the middle will start to produce shockwaves, so avoid them
    while you wait for the platform to reach the right side. Jump onto the ice.

    The next part is kinda hard. You need to jump from icy platform to the next
    while avoiding enemies. At the end jump onto a lollypop again and avoid the
    shockwaves. When you reached the right side don't go up the pole, but go
    around it to find a mushroom. Wall-kick up and enter the cannon.

    Shoot yourself towards the launch star or the blue stars if you want the
    starbits, and launch yourself away. Here take the left path for a pipe with a
    question coin (and thus an 1-up) and otherwise take the right path. You need
    to spin near all the candles and they'll go out. When all five are out, a
    launch star will appear.

    A very easy boss-fight. Find the Spring Mario upgrade and make your way to the
    machine. Now jump up and hit the mole. Do this three times, it's just too
    easy, really. Grab the star when done.

    ***** The Flipswitch Chain *****

    Take the path of the second star. At the second planet you'll find a hungry
    Luma that requires 50 starbits to transform.

    At this planet you need to hit all the 12 switches in order for the star to

    ***** Fast Foes on Toy Time *****

    You'll end up at the planet of 'the Flipswitch Chain', but everything is much
    faster. Lucky for you, the switches are safe zones when it comes to the
    Twomps. Hit all 12 again for the star.

    ***** Luigi's Purple Coins *****

    You'll land on the other side of the big Mario, which is Luigi and reversed.
    There are 150 coins here, and you have three minutes to get at least 100 of
    them. The best tactic is to get the coins counter-clockwise. Use jump-kicks,
    since a lot of coins are to be get that way.

    Bonefin Galaxy [SM.03.7D]

    ***** Kingfin's Fearsome Waters *****

    Yet another water-level. Great. This one is kinda fun though, I have to admit

    There's a big skull-fish swimming around. It won't go after you, it just
    swims around. Let's kill it for ignoring you. Find a shell and get near it.
    Hit the fish with a shell, and it'll summon smaller fish, which act like
    homing missiles. Ignore those, find another shell and repeat it until the fish
    explodes, leaving a star behind.

    Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor [SM.03.7E]

    ***** King Kaliente's Spicy Return *****

    You'll land near a caged launch star. By now you know what that means. Go find
    the Bullet Bill and guide it back in order to release the launch star.

    The green platforms will sink if you step on them, so get yourself to the
    solid platform (get the mushroom) and wait until the enemy at the end shoots a
    coconut at you. Return the favor for the launch star to appear.

    It's time for another simple boss. The platforms will once again sink, but the
    boss isn't much different than before. You return the coconut while you keep
    moving around so you won't hit the lava, the the star soon is yours.

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    Part 12: Secret Dome = The Garden - Dreadnought Galaxy

    The Garden [SM.03.08]

    Once you got the Golden Star in the Engine Room, this secret dome will show
    up. It's all the way at the top.

    Deep Dark Galaxy [SM.03.8A]

    Stars required: 46

    ***** The Underground Ghost Ship *****

    From where you start, enter the cannon and aim for the planet with lots of
    enemies on it. Grab the star on your way and take them out. The important part
    is that you get the Fire Flower. Return to the beach and open the gate by
    lighting both torches.

    Enter the passage and jump into the water. You need to swim down and find a
    locked gate. Hit the lever to open it. Swim inside and then up. There is
    another lever here, so hit it. Now you can go up to breath and note a spooky
    looking ship.

    Enter the ship for a boss. It's pretty much the same as before, you have to
    battle a huge Magi-Koopa. Hit her with two shells, and she'll move up. Climb
    the pole to follow her and hit her two more times to get the star.

    ***** Bubble Blastoff *****

    You need to get a Fire Flower again, and you know how. Once you got it you
    need to light the three torches near the (open) gate. This will make an Ice
    Flower appear. Grab it and use it to cross the lake and jump to the pole. Go
    up and then left and find the question coin. This will turn the platform into
    five launch stars.

    Launch yourself away. Go right for a pipe (two question coins, one for notes,
    the other for turning the bricks into starbits) and left for the proper path.
    Once you reached the very top you'll note a FLUDD and some fire. Jump in front
    of the FLUDD, so you'll enter the bubble and shoot yourself towards a new

    Here just hit the three logs and stand in front of the FLUDD in order to

    At the last planet you will notice there's no way to go. See those tennis
    balls inside the planet? You need to stomp the ground when they pass. When you
    got all three, the melon will break the planet and the star will show up.

    ***** Guppy and the Underground Lake *****

    An easy one again. Head to the lake and find Guppy. Follow him and pass
    through the eight rings to get a star.

    ***** Boo in a Box *****

    Take the path of the first star. Get to the bottom of the lake and grab a
    shell. Launch it towards the mines near the ship and use the launch star.

    Inside of the new planet, use the arrow to keep changing the gravity until you
    find light shining down into the cube. Lure Boo in the light for the star to

    ***** Plunder the Purple Coins *****

    14 - First turn around and get all the coins in and around the water
    16 - Don't go on the ship yet. At the 'beach' you'll be able to find more
    coins. (total: 30)
    31 - Jump into the water and grab all the coins here. Some are on the outside
    of the ship. (total: 61)
    39 - On the ship you'll find the rest. (total: 100)

    ***** Ghost Ship Daredevil Run *****

    You have to defeat the boss with just one life. Trial and error.

    Dreadnought Galaxy [SM.03.8B]

    Stars required: 48

    ***** Infiltrating the Dreadnought *****

    It's quite obvious the lasers hurt, so make your way to the top without
    touching them. At the top stomp on the enemy to reach the launch star. When
    you land at the next planet, get rid of the enemies (spin, then jump on them)
    to enter the pipe.

    Head to the right side and wait for the walls to come together. Wall-jump up
    and head right. Flip the arrow to change gravity and go up, then right. Change
    the gravity again, and time your stomp right so you have enough time to grab
    the left wall and head right. Jump up twice and enter the pipe.

    A Spinner will come out of a black hole. Hit it near the wall, then jump up.
    Repeat this until you are at the top. Jump-kick at the walls and use the
    launch star to get away.

    Avoid the lasers again and find the launch star. Here you need to find the
    cage. Get a Bullet Bill to follow you and smash it. This will cause the level
    to flood. Find the floating turtle and get on it to reach a platform. From
    here take the right path and you'll find the star.

    ***** Dreadnought's Collasal Cannons *****

    From the start jump on the bolts and run to the left to make it go closer to
    the platform. Once it's there or you think you can make the jump, do so. Avoid
    the Chomps and hit all the tiles to get rid of the lasers. Do the same thing
    again to get rid of the Chomps, their houses and the upcoming lasers. Move
    towards the bolts again and make your way towards the bridge. Defeat the two
    monsters by shooting their coconuts back and then head to the launch star.

    Step on the next platform and it'll start moving. Now you need to avoid
    enemies, lasers and bullets while you move from platform to platform. At the
    end jump on the enemy and stomp on it to get the star.

    ***** Revenge of the Topman Tribe *****

    Jump on the spinner and then once again to get to the launch star. At the next
    planet you need to do things we've done before as well. Spin the enemies into
    the lasers (twice) to free the Luma. It'll turn into a launch star.

    At the next planet you need to hit the button in order for five blue shards to
    pop up. You'll need to spinner to reach one of them. Once you got them, use
    the blue stars to reach the launch star.

    Here you need to pull yourself through a field of mines and bullets (visit the
    other end of where you start for a mushroom). At the end you'll find a launch
    star, it's as easy as that.

    Here you need to avoid a lot of shockwaves. The easiest way is to jump-kick
    your way through. This way you'll easily get rid of the slow enemies.
    Otherwise make your way through the slow way and reach the launch star.

    You will meet a boss you met before. And its not much different. Just hit the
    Spinners into the lasers and when the boss moves in hit it once by jumping,
    then spin it into the lasers. Doing this three times will solve the problem.
    Shine get!

    ***** Dreadnought's Garbage Dump *****

    Head to the other side of the planet you landed on when you started star 3.
    Enter the pipe and talk to the robot. You need to throw the bombs at the trash
    and get rid of all of them, within 30 seconds. When the game stars head to the
    fourth bomb (all the way to the right) and throw it near the three most-right
    pieces of trash. The third bomb goes somewhere in between the next few. Now
    imagine there's a mirror in the middle of the field and drop the second and
    first bomb just like the other two, but reversed. Run back to the fourth bomb
    and quickly throw it near any remaining pieces, and do the same with the other
    bombs. It may take a few tries to get this, but you can try as much as you
    want. When you got it all in 30 seconds, a star is yours.

    ***** Battlestation's Purple Coins *****

    The key is speed. If you jump and run around fast enough, you'll be able to
    get 99 coins before you use the launch star. The last one can be found after
    you launched yourself away.

    ***** Topman Tribe Speed Run *****

    You have six minutes to finish the level.

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    Part 13: Melty Molten Galaxy - Matter Splatter Galaxy

    Melty Molten Galaxy [SM.03.8C]

    Stars required: 52

    ***** The Sinking Lava Spire *****

    Make your way to the other side of the level while jumping on platforms and
    the like. When you reached the end you need to time you wall-jump so you don't
    get hit by the steam and then stomp on the rock to make the whole platform go
    down. Time your jump again and wall-kick your way up to some colorful blocks.

    Head to the right and use the launch star. You'll immediately fall into some
    others, so keep doing that until you landed safely. Jump to the upper planet
    and pull yourself to the next launch star using the blue stars.

    You need to do the whole 'find next launch star unless you already dive into
    them'-thing for a bit more. Keep hanging. You'll reach a planet where you need
    to find five shards. Once you found them, you need to launch yourself. This
    guide isn't really needed, is it?

    Pretty much right after you land, the pillar will start to sink. There is some
    time to play around, but not much. Go around avoiding enemies until you reach
    a stone button. Hit it to make the platform fall down. This means you need to
    wait somewhere else until it's down. When it is you can wall-jump your way up
    and eventually reach the star.

    ***** Through the Meteor Storm *****

    You'll notice a lot of meteors. Hence the name of the level.

    Make your way past the huge pillars of lava that erupt every now and then and
    wait by the two torches. Soon enough a fire-enemy will come up, which will
    light the torches for you, trying to come near you. This will cause the launch
    star to appear.

    At the next planet you go 2D for a bit. Get past the first two Twomps, then
    hide in the hole with the 1-up while waiting for the third to come up again.
    Make it to the other side for another launch star.

    At this planet you need to get five shards. One is hidden in the box, but the
    others are in the open. No need for me to elaborate there. Get to the launch
    star once you've got them.

    This is kinda hard. You need to make your way to the other side of the planet
    and guide a Bullet Bill all the way back to the other side to hit the cage,
    without making it hit any enemy or wall. It's hard, but possible. Use the
    launch star when you succeeded.

    Okay, now comes the tough part. Remember the little ball-rolling-game we
    played before? We're going to do it again, but more serious this time. My
    advice is to just go full-speed ahead. From the start rush to the 1-up you
    see, pause (you can't jump another time, you lost some speed), go back a bit
    and rush forward again. Now combine the rushing and slowing down in the next
    area until you reached the platform before the goal. Here use the 1-up method
    again - rush forward, jump, pause, go back a bit and rush again. This will
    most likely get you your star. Eventually.

    ***** Fiery Dino Piranha *****

    When you start you'll notice there are more platforms around. Follow them to
    reach a 2Dpart. You may think you need to take the right route, but you need
    to take the left on instead. Time your wall-jump and enter the pipe.

    Take the launch star and get on the planet. No shards here, just enemies. Get
    the point? Take them out (spin then hit them) and the launch star will appear.

    Don't stay on the platform, but start running towards the launch star, or
    you'll never reach it. Take your time though, there is no rush launching
    yourself up.

    At the next planet you need to both use some common sense and get five shards.
    It's not hard, as long as you don't panic. Get the five shards and launch
    yourself again.

    Make yourself to the last platform (a Luma wants to sell things) and get the
    mushroom (I guess). Launch yourself away when ready,

    It's just like before, but a bit harder. You can only hit the boss when it's
    tail (or body in general) is not on fire. Learn to time it, and the star is

    ***** Burning Tide *****

    At the second planet you'll find a hungry Luma that wants 80 starbits. At the
    new planet you have to get five silver stars in order for the star to appear.
    Take your time and avoid hitting the lava.

    ***** Red-Hot Purple Coins *****

    This is a hard one. You need to get all the coins here, and there isn't much
    for me to help you with. All the coins are in sight, just watch the shadows on
    the floor if you can't find the last one.

    ***** Lava Spire Daredevil Run *****

    This was the last star I had to get, and it was a hell of a job. You need to
    finish the complete level with just one life, and that's just incredibly hard.
    Take your time (for as much as that's allowed) and be VERY glad when you got
    the star.

    Matter Splatter Galaxy [SM.03.8D]

    ***** Watch your Step *****

    The main thing you need to do here is stay into the 'spotlight'. The hardest
    part is when you gain the Spring Mario powerup. My advice here is to stay 'low
    to the ground'. Don't go berserk here, since it's not very hard to fall down.
    When you reach the launch star, think of me, since I helped you.

    You'll enter a pipe, even if you don't want to. And if you think you got past
    the worst part... well... Fine.

    You're not though. You need to navigate through the dark path till your reach
    the star. My advice is to move slow and have some patience. It's not hard,
    unless you overreact or want to go too fast. The star is waiting at the end.

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    Part 14: Overworld Galaxys= Sweet Sweet Galaxy - Loodeeswoop Galaxy

    Sweet Sweet Galaxy [SM.03.9A]

    When you collected 7 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Terrace. Feed it
    400 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

    ***** Rocky Road *****

    A tricky course, but not hard to explain. You need to make your way to the
    star, but the road ahead isn't without any obstacles. You basically need to
    avoid falling down and getting hit by the lasers. The easiest way to pass the
    lasers is by jump kicking your way across. Make sure not to fall down when you
    land though. Reach the other side of the galaxy to gain yet another star.

    Sling Pod Galaxy [SM.03.9B]

    When you collected 15 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Fountain. Feed it
    400 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

    ***** A Very Sticky Situation *****

    Another hard level. You need to shoot yourself forward using the sticky things
    we met before. It's about aiming properly and timing. Take your time, and make
    sure to grab any 1-up and starbit you can find, since you might need the extra

    The first part isn't too hard after a few tries, but after that you need to
    navigate through a minefield. Once you did this, it's time for some more
    shooting around. When you find the 1-up feel free to grab it, but don't be an
    idiot like me and shoot yourself back to the previous sticky-thing for an
    easier shot onwards. After a while you'll find the star.

    Drip Drop Galaxy [SM.03.9C]

    When you collected 22 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Kitchen. Feed it
    600 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

    ***** Giant Eel Outbreak *****

    This isn't hard, but mostly annoying. Perhaps because I hate swimming.

    Anyway, the giant elder penguin will tell you about the eels that are
    causing trouble. Grab the green shell and dive under. Find one of the eels and
    hit it with your shell. There are also red shells to be found, plus chests,
    so there's no real reason to fail here. Avoid the Bullet Bills here - they are
    too slow to be bothered with. Once you got rid of all the eels, the star will
    appear at the ship. Go grab it and let's hope that's all the swimming we have
    to do.

    Bigmouth Galaxy [SM.03.9D]

    When you collected 39 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Bedroom. Feed it
    800 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

    ***** Bigmouth's Gold Bait *****

    Quite an interesting level. See the gold chest? We need a gold shell to open
    it (wow!). Grab a green shell from the Koopa wandering around the chest and
    dive into the water. Launch the Koopa into the brick wall and spin to make a
    bigger hole.

    In here you need to get five shards which are on the bottom. Once you got
    these, launch yourself using the launch star and grab the gold shell. Now make
    your way back to the chest and open it. Toad will appear and hand over the

    Sand Spiral Galaxy [SM.03.9E]

    When you collected 50 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Engine Room. Feed
    it 1000 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

    ***** Choosing a Favorite Snack *****

    This is by far the easiest extra galaxy you'll encounter. From the beginning
    use the launch star and make your way across the moving platforms. It's
    easiest to play as Boo Mario, so get that powerup and make your way to the
    other side of the room, avoiding the light and other Boos. At the end, use
    the launch star.

    Grab the invincibility star and find a spot where you can take a shortcut by
    jump-kicking to the next 'layer'. From here on start running clockwise and get
    the second invincibility star when you encounter it. Keep running until you
    reach the moon. Jump on it and get the star.

    Boo's Boneyard Galaxy [SM.03.9F]

    When you collected 58 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Gateway. Feed it
    1200 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

    ***** Racing the Spooky Speedster *****

    Enter the pipe and get near the big Boo. He wants to race, why not? Just take
    the upper path (shake your Wiimote) when you can and grab all the question
    coins. This will pretty much make it too easy to win the race and get the

    Gateway Galaxy [SM.03.9H]

    Once you got the Grand Star in the Engine Room, you can visit the first planet
    you ever did by entering the Gate.

    ***** Purple Coins *****

    When you revisit this place, you can walk towards the building where you met
    Rosalina. After talking to her, a red Luma will turn up. It tells you it'll
    give you a new power - the Flying Mario power that is. Jump and then spin in
    order to fly. You need to grab 100 coins in order to use this power in other
    worlds. Once you got all 100 coins, grab the star.

    Snowcap Galaxy [SM.03.9I]

    When you collected 65 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Garden. Feed it
    1600 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

    ***** Star Bunnies in the Snow *****

    Grab the shell at the bottom of the planet and use it to open the chest for a
    launch star.

    You need to catch all the bunnies, but before you do that, walk around the
    planet and find all the switches. You can shove away snow with the cursor.
    Note that there are also switches at the poles of the planet. Once you got
    them all, at both sides of the planet a Fire Flower will appear. Grab it and
    start to shoot the snowmen. One holds a bunny and one a shell. Once you got
    the shell, use it to open the chest for another bunny. The last bunny is
    hiding in a hole in the ground, and will appear once you shoved the snow away.

    Don't go after one bunny, get them out three at the time and lure them
    towards the poles of the planet. They'll be trapped here and easy to catch.

    Rolling Gizmo Galaxy [SM.03.9J]

    You can get to this galaxy after you collected all the green stars.

    ***** Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets *****

    It's one of those horrible ball-levels again. You start off by navigating over
    small paths. Once you reached the bombs at the very end, do it as quick as
    possible, because the bombs are able to knock you away pretty far. The star is
    yours once you reached the end.

    Bubble Blast Galaxy [SM.03.9K]

    You can get to this galaxy after you collected all the green stars.

    ***** The Electric Labyrinth *****

    I like this one. First you need to enter all the pipes and grab the shards.
    It's easiest to take the upper left one first, because the 1-up is easy to get
    and gives you a free try in case you fail.

    Once you got all shards, you can launch yourself at the second and tricky part
    of the level. You need to reach the star by blowing yourself away, avoiding
    hitting lasers and Bullet Bills. I find it easiest to rush past the cannons
    that shoot the Bullet Bills, because there is a chance the Bullet Bill won't
    come over you, making this a much easier level.

    Loopdeeswoop Galaxy [SM.03.9L]

    You can get to this galaxy after you collected all the green stars.

    ***** The Galaxy's Greatest Wave *****

    Care for some more raysurfing? I didn't, but I had to finish this guide. You
    have 1.5 minute to do one lap, and you can easily grab 4 1-ups in the first
    30 seconds. You can take your time, there isn't much of a rush. If you rush,
    you will most likely fall off.

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    Part 15: Bowser's Galaxy Reactor - Extras

    Bowser's Galaxy Reactor [SM.03.9M]

    Once you gained 60 stars, you'll be given the option to visit Bowser. Do this
    when you have 120 stars to unlock Luigi.

    ***** The Fate of the Universe *****

    The final fight? Are you ready?

    Note the spotlights on the wall. When you stick to them, they'll pull you
    towards them. Use the spotlights to reach the top of the tower. From here
    enter the beam of light to get to the next planet.

    In case you die right now, you'll end up next to the beam. If you get the
    starbits from the two beams you can see, you can get an 1-up back. Anyway, at
    the planet you can't really stand still. Most platforms will fall down once
    you stepped on them. Keep moving and hit the next beam.

    You'll land on some ice blocks, and if you move more will come. The problem is
    that they'll disappear after a short while, so ignore the 1-ups and get to the
    next beam.

    As if navigating over moving objects isn't hard enough, you also need to avoid
    fire while you do so. At the end you'll find your next beam.

    More ice, and this time it's even harder. You have to wall-jump, avoid the
    fire and watch the gravity as you make your way to the next beam.

    The final obstacle course. You need to avoid Bullet Bills (also big ones) and
    Twomps here while jumping from platform to platform. I can't really help you
    with that one kid. Use the launch star at the end to reach Bowser.

    On your way up the stairs grab the Mushroom and the 1-up and get ready to

    It's more of the same really. You start off at a planet with no glass
    panels, but Bowser has the ability to turn into a rock. Spin into him from the
    side to make him go rolling. Hit him again and you'll hurt him. Do this two
    times to get to the next planet.

    Here he'll shoot fireballs and roll around in his shell, making him
    invincible. When he starts to shoot fireballs, you need to shoot a green
    plant against him to make him go rolling. Hit him again to hurt him. Do this
    twice, and you'll once again go to the next planet.

    Now it's more off the same. Hurt him twice more for the game to end.
    Congratulations! Come back when you have 120 stars to unlock Luigi.

    ================================================== ============================
    Cheats & Secrets [SM.05.01]
    ================================================== ============================

    Bonus Stages in the Demo [SM.05.02]

    Instead of pressing just A+B for the demo to start, also hold down 1+2 to
    unlock two additional stages.

    Unlock Luigi [SM.05.03]

    Get all 120 stars and fight Bowser again. Once the credits rolled, you'll get
    a message about Luigi being unlocked.

    Grand Finale Galaxy [SM.05.04]

    Get all 120 stars as Luigi and fight Bowser again. This will unlock Grand
    Finale Galaxy, where you can get the 121st star.

    Watermelons [SM.05.05]

    Collect a total of 9999 starbits to turn all the coconuts in the game into

    Death Count [SM.05.06]

    After you got the 121st star in the last galaxy, you'll be able to view your
    death count on your savefile.

    Cosmic Race Boost [SM.05.07]

    During the countdown of a cosmic race, hold down Z when the timer hits 2 and
    hit A as soon as the race starts for a speed boost.

    ************************************************** ********

    Thank you for reading as this took me a long time to do. If anyone wants to suggest a game walkthrough post here or pm me.


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