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Thread: Star Wars: Force Unleashed Walkthrough part 1

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    Part 11: Dark Felucia Boss

    | Boss: Maris Brood |

    Shaak Ti's former apprentice was driven mad with hatred and her want
    for revenge after her master was killed. She knows it was through Vader
    that her master lost her life. Following her lead the native Felucians
    have all fallen to the dark side. Not that any of this matters to you.
    You came here to find the Senator, that's it. If she wants to stand in
    the way then she will fall. As the fight starts first make your way
    towards the left wall and search for the last Holocron(H13). Once you
    have the Holocron you can begin the fight with Maris. First thing you
    may notice is that she likes to mess with your head using the Force.
    The screen will get all blurry and you'll become disorientated. Do your
    best to stay out in the open to negate the effects. Also, use the lock
    on to keep track of her. Start out by tossing your saber or using
    Ground Slam to knock her back. After a few hits she'll fall down and
    some Felucians will join to defend her. Ignore them and move in for a
    few more strikes with your lightsaber. As she takes more damage a
    Rancor will appear and take over the battle for her. This one appears
    to be a lot weaker then the others you have faced so take it out using
    a combination of Force driven airborne projectiles, tossing your
    lightsaber and Force lightning.

    After the Rancor falls Maris will appear again and the real boss battle
    can finally start. Her life has been regenerated as well. For all her
    anger Maris is sill just a Padawan and the way she fights reflects
    that. Beyond the mind tricks she attacks mainly with quick strikes from
    her lightsabers as well as the occasional Force push or Repulse. You
    can strike with Force Lightning as it initiates a lot of Force locks or
    you can simply attack with your lightsaber and overwhelm her. Using
    Ground Slam or Saber Assault works wonders as well and leavers her open
    for a follow up attack.

    No matter how you go about it Maris Brood will eventually fall after
    another over the top finishing move. In what might be his first show of
    compassion the apprentice lets her live and flee after a promise to
    turn away from the dark side. The Senator might not have agreed with
    what you did but he is safe now and accompanies you back to the Rogue
    Shadow. Back with Kota the Senator laments that they just aren't ready
    to openly oppose Empire but that he might know a few people that can
    help them prepare. Back on board the ship Vader appears via PROXY. The
    apprentice informs him that all is going to plan. Vader replies with
    your next target being Raxus Prime where the Empire is constructing
    Star Destroyers. Juno happened to over hear your conference with Lord
    Vader and is less then pleased that you still serve Darth Vader after
    everything he cost her.

    For a mission well done you'll unlock Maris Brood for use in the duel
    mode as well as a Firkrann Crystal for your lightsaber. This crystal
    increases the strength of Force Lightning. Finally, you'll gain access
    to the Jungle Combat Gear costume. You can also read the Imperial Ore
    Facility, "Imperialized" Raxus Prime, Sarlacc, Maris Brood, Bail
    Organa, Imperial Medic and Bull Rancor entries in the database.

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    Part 12: Imperial Raxus Prime

    4.12 Imperial Raxus Prime

    | Holocron: 20 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: 3: blue, red, Damind |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 2 |
    | Force Holocron: 2 |
    | Moves Unlocked: none |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Qui-Gon Jinn |
    | Costume Unlocked: Raxus Prime Survival Gear |

    The level starts with the Rogue Shadow flying into the heart of the
    Imperial Star Destroyer facility in orbit above Raxus Prime. The
    Apprentice laments that he has no idea how he is going to take down the
    facility. Lucky for us, your intrepid team has a plan. You are to
    reach the large ore cannon that the Imperials use to launch the raw
    materials used at the facility then fire a load of ore at the heart of
    the facility in orbit to destabilize it. Easy.

    The level starts not on the planets surface like the last visit to
    Raxus Prime but rather on a landing platform at the Imperial ore
    facility. Start out by heading inside the facility in front of you and
    taking the elevator to the level below. As you get off the elevator
    you'll notice that you aren't alone. A lone Jawa stands with his back
    to you. Do whatever your heart tells you to do with him and then use
    the Force to clear a path to the rest of the passage. You'll need to
    fight your way through the Imperials guarding the elevator at the end
    of the passage then using the elevator, finally gain access to the
    facility. Out of the frying pan and into the fire as you step foot into
    the Imperial facility. Clear the immediate room of troops then using
    the Force to blow open the door head into the next room and repeat. The
    next door to the room beyond is locked but there are more Stormtroopers
    inside so take caution. Also in this room is a Holocron(H1) behind the
    large computer console on the wall. Yank it out with the Force to
    retrieve it. Blow open the door to the next room and you'll finally
    kill enough Imperials to make the on screen meter disappear. Destroy
    the crates near the door for a Holocron(H2) before proceeding.

    Behind the door lies the heart of the industrial facility. As you come
    through the door destroy the computer console in the corner to the
    right for a Holocron(H3) then turn your attention to the Stormtroopers
    in the room. Watch out for the other computer consoles on the walkway;
    they have shorts that can electrocute you. As you enter the AT-ST
    hanger in the next area one of the steps out to stop your progress.

    | Mini-Boss: AT-ST |

    We have destroyed so many of these chicken walkers by now you should be
    able to do it in your sleep. Start out by tossing any of the demolition
    charges in the room at it for immediate damage then hammer away at it
    with a combination of Ground Slam\Saber Assault, Force Lightning and
    lightsaber tosses. Try to stick close to avoid its lasers as much as
    possible and if it tries to step on you, break the lock. After the AT-
    ST's energy drops below a quarter match the on screen prompts to finish
    it off in a now familiar way. After the hanger lies quiet head into the
    first AT-ST hanger from the entrance on the right and push the barrel
    out of the way for a Holocron(H4) then destroy the pipes near the door
    on the other end for the other Holocron(H5) in the area. Next, destroy
    the two large computer consoles near the same door to open hatches on
    both sides of the AT-ST hanger. Proceed to the hanger where the AT-ST
    just toppled over and double jump your way up the harness and into the
    room above. In the very back corner is a Health Holocron. Jump down
    into the hanger and make your way to the room above the harness on the
    right. There is a blue Lightsaber Crystal inside. Proceed to the very
    end of the room and look out over the main entrance door to the whole
    hanger. You'll spot a small ledge with a Lightsaber Hilt laying on it.
    Very carefully double jump your way to the ledge to grab it then exit
    to the next area marked on your map.

    First clear all the Imperials out of this control room then jump up to
    the platform in the middle of the room where the TIE Fighter hologram
    is. Look all around until you spot a red Lightsaber crystal on a
    platform on the wall. Grab it then hop down and remove both computer
    consoles attached to the platform you were just standing on for two
    Holocron(H6, H7) then continue through the door. This next area is one
    of the facilities smelting plants. Destroy all the Imperials on the
    ground level then double jump to the ledge above you where more are
    firing on you. The computer console at the very end hides a
    Holocron(H8). Now this whole area is separate into three small islands
    on the ground level with a molten ore river between them and then the
    upper level which oversees the ground. You'll need to make your way to
    each of the three islands destroying all the Imperials and the large
    reactors. The middle small island has a Holocron(H9) inside the
    computer console on the end near the second ore river. Also from this
    island a Force Holocron is reachable if you look towards the back of
    the first ore river. You'll have to double jump to the walkway ahead of
    it then jump and dash to the walkway where it sits to avoid falling in
    the ore. Once the whole plant is free of Imperials and all the reactors
    have been destroyed another Holocron(H10) will appear right in front of
    the force field that blocks your way to the next area. You'll need to
    destroy both of the projectors to drop the force field. One is on your
    side so use your lightsaber and the other is on the opposite side of
    the force field so use Force pull.

    As you enter through into the next area more Imperials will round the
    corner to attack you so be on guard. You'll have to fight your way
    through a horde of Imperials in this hallway to reach the next area.
    Make use of the turrets or the demolition charges to even the odds.
    Immediately as you enter the next room turn to the left and push aside
    all the crates with the Force to reveal another Holocron(H11) then make
    your way up the ramp to the upper level. At the top of the ramp is a
    door you'll need to break through with the Force but before you do that
    head to the opposite end to grab the Holocron(H12) floating there. The
    hallway behind the door holds an Imperial blockade of Stormtroopers
    waiting for you. Use a quick Force Repulse to destroy most if not all
    of them then finish the loners with your lightsaber. Pull the computer
    display off the wall before heading through the door. Head through the
    Imperials on this upper level of this area to the very end and grab the
    Holocron(H13) there then jump down to the lower level to clear the rest
    of the Imperials. Destroy all the computer consoles along the far wall
    to make another Holocron(H14) appear then bring down the force field
    the same way as the last to gain access to the next area. Feel free to
    take a breather which I'm going to do now. This guide was written by
    Christopher Long and is copyright to same.

    This area is set up almost exactly the same as the previous part of the
    ore facility but this time there is only one ore river separating two
    islands. Once again you'll need to make use of the upper level to
    travel between the two clearing out the Imperials and the reactors.
    While you are on the upper level grab the Force Holocron in the corner.
    After the area is silent hop back behind the ramp that leads to the
    upper area from the other island and grab the Holocron(H15) hidden here
    then head up the ramp, bust through the door and deal with the ambush
    behind. There is a Holocron(H16) in plain sight so don't forget it
    before busting through the door to the next part of the facility. Clear
    the upper level here before jumping down to destroy all the reactors on
    the lower level. Doing so will grant you another Holocron(H17) that
    appears near the force field. After the area is clear destroy all the
    computer consoles in the small computer room in the back of the area
    near the ramp to reveal another Holocron(H18) hidden inside the left
    most console. Bring down the force field to access the next part of the
    ore facility.

    Fight your way through a now familiar hallway until you reach the last
    reactor room of the facility. Once again clear the bottom floor of all
    Imperial troops and reactors then head up the ramp and repeat for the
    upper level. Grab the Holocron(H19) at the end of the upper level
    before busting through the door. Deal with the Stormtroopers in the
    hallway then bust through another door to the last part of the ore
    facility. Inside is a familiar task. Once again clear both levels of
    the room of Imperials and reactors. Once the room is silent destroy all
    the computer consoles on the walls to make the last Holocron(H20)
    appear near the force field. Also, there is a Health Holocron in the
    back of the ore river. You'll need to jump and dash from the platform
    there to reach it then backtrack out. Drop the force field to access
    the inner part of the facility. As you signal Juno that you are in
    position and ready to begin the attack a Shadow Guard ambushes you.

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    Part 13: Imperial Raxus Prime Boss - Cloud City

    | Boss: Shadow Guard |

    Not this guy again. Fighting this Shadow Guard is as simple as
    remembering what tactics you used back on Nar Shaddaa only this time
    the arena is much larger. The Shadow Guard attacks with a slew of
    different moves. If you are close to him he'll either attempt to slash
    at you with his lightsaber or use Force Lightning on you; if this
    happens use a Force Push or Force Lightning of your own to break free..
    Every once in awhile he'll crouch down and begin drawing the Force all
    around him. When this happens make some quick distance between the two
    of you to avoid the debris that comes flying out. You can also take the
    time to toss all the debris in the area into the lava to negate this
    attack but its more easily avoided. The Shadow Guard will also attempt
    to bring you off your feet using his variation of your Ground Slam.
    Lucky for us the very attacks he uses are the same he is vulnerable
    too. When there is distance between you both make use of Force
    Lightning and lightsaber tosses. After he has attempted to use that
    large Force attack against you he is momentarily off guard so leap in
    for a quick Ground Slam or Saber Assault and follow up with quick
    vertical slashes. During the fight he'll begin to call in help in the
    form of Shadow Troopers but this too turns out to be a bad idea. Using
    Force Pummel you can turn his troops against him. Tossing one into the
    other brings about decent damage and clears the area quickly. Make sure
    you come out on top of any lightsaber locks that may appear and feel
    free to make use of the barrels and other debris that litters the area
    as flying battering rams. Eventually the Shadow Guard will have had
    enough and Starkiller tosses him into the molten ore to his death.

    The Apprentice turns the cannon's aim to the Star Destroyer facility in
    orbit above and fires. The resulting explosion knocks free a Star
    Destroyer which begins a descent towards the facility you occupy below.
    General Kota contacts you and orders you to use the Force to bring down
    the Star Destroyer or they are all going to be killed in the resulting
    crash. The Apprentice is at first doubtful of his abilities but
    eventually complies and using the Force, drags the massive Star
    Destroyer to a halt at his feet. Back aboard the Rogue Shadow General
    Kota informs you that word of your exploits is starting to spread. He
    has set up a meeting for you with another Senator with no love for the
    Emperor. Kota orders Juno to set course for Cloud City at once.

    Defeating this mission unlocks Qui-Gon Jinn for duel mode as well as
    the Damind Crystal for your lightsaber which increases the lightsabers
    strength. You'll also gain the use of the Raxus Prime Survival Gear
    costume. You can also now read about Cloud City, Garm Bel Iblis and
    Lobot in the database.

    4.13 Cloud City

    | Holocron: 20 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: 1: blue |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 2 |
    | Force Holocron: 2 |
    | Moves Unlocked: none |
    | Characters Unlocked: none |
    | Costume Unlocked: Bounty Hunter Disguise |

    On the approach to the city General Kota informs you that you'll need
    to get in contact with Lobot, the city's administrator, to learn the
    location of the Senator. As you start the level destroy all the tall
    barrels to the left of the Rogue Shadow to reveal a Holocron(H1) then
    continue forward across the walkway into the building ahead. You'll run
    into Lobot inside this first building. Seems Cloud City has been
    overran by a criminal organization lead by a hoodlum name Chop'aa.
    Senator Bel Iblis, who you have come here to see, has gone to try and
    negotiate with the leader. Before heading into the lobby to help deal
    with the criminals head back out to the landing platform and look to
    your right. As you approached the building earlier it trigged the last
    cutscene but now you can clear the crates here for another
    Holocron(H2). Next toss all the droids found around the landing
    platform off the platform to reveal a third Holocron(H3). If you are
    having trouble triggering this Holocron then exit back to the Rogue
    Shadow and try again.

    Head back inside and clear the lobby of all the attacking criminals.
    For a fast victory use the Force to toss them out the windows. Before
    continuing to the next part of the city head to the upper level of the
    lobby and collect the Holocron(H4) behind the small statue as well as
    the Health Holocron near the ceiling above; double jump off the statue
    to reach it. Once the area is cleared head through the door to the next
    area. Continue through this hallway fighting criminals along the way.
    Pay extra mind to the pair tossing grenades at you from atop the first
    small set of stairs. As you approach the next windowed area a large axe
    wielding manic runs out to greet you but instead of attacking him
    simply toss him out the window with the rest of his fools. Before
    continuing forward up the large staircase jump out one of the windows
    the ledge outside and collect the lightsaber hilt at the end of the
    ledge. Head through the door at the top of the staircase and battle
    with the criminals waiting here for you then grab the Holocron(H5)
    before getting on the blue colored elevator. After the elevator comes
    to a stop, fight your way through the battle on the balcony across the
    red carpeted walkway and into a small circular room where a light blue
    colored elevator awaits. Take the elevator to the next area of Cloud

    After you get off the elevator destroy the large red and black pipe to
    the right to reveal a Holocron(H6) then proceed out through the door
    located ahead. Fight your way through a few heavily occupied hallways
    and rooms until you come out on a large balcony where a gang of Chop
    aa's friends ambush you. You'll need to kill enough of them to clear
    the on screen meter before continuing. The ship floating around nearby
    will drop more as you kill the ones already out there so be careful.
    Instead of trying to match them lightsaber to blaster just use a few
    Force attacks to knock them off the platforms. After the cutscene plays
    showing more of those ax wielding foes running out towards you continue
    through them down the hallway to the next landing platform. Again,
    you'll have to deal with a whole gang of lackeys before the next
    cutscene plays. Lobot appears and tells you that the Senator would like
    to meet with you so there is your next goal. After you re-gain control
    of Starkiller destroy all the barrels on the platform to reveal a
    Holocron(H7) then look back towards the building and above you to spot
    another Holocron(H8) on the pipe above. You'll have to double jump to
    the pipe then careful walk out to the Holocron. Head through the door
    to the next small room and grab the Holocron(H9) to the right of door
    before continuing on. Outside you'll have to fight your way down a
    small staircase then use the Force to create a bridge to the Carbonite
    freezing platform across form you.

    | Mini-Boss: Mandalorians |

    When you step foot on the platform these Boba Fett wannabe's attack
    you. The fly around you in quick circles firing with their blasters and
    rocket launchers so make quick work of them with a combination of Force
    Pummel and lightsaber tosses. After you have killed enough of the them
    to clear the meter the platform will stop spinning and you can head
    across the newly accessed walkway to the area beyond. Inside the first
    circular room deal with the few criminals then destroy the computer
    console near the turret for a Holocron(H10) then head up the walkway
    and through the door to find yourself back in the same room with the
    light blue elevator that brought you here. Get on the elevator and take
    it back up to the previous outdoor lobby. Turn to your right and more
    enemies will show themselves. After they have been dispatched with and
    the area is secured double jump to the awning above the staircase to
    your right to reach another Holocron(H11) then continue down the stairs
    and through the door. Head down these stairs to another lobby and take
    care of the criminals that come crashing through the windows. After
    they are dealt with make sure to grab the Holocron(H12) on the balcony
    outside the window before continuing forward. Make your way across
    these platforms to the door across the way and enter. Fight your way
    down the stairs and you'll eventually come out into a large outside
    courtyard. Lobot meets with you to inform you that Bel Iblis has been
    captured by a bounty hunter named Kleef so that's our next goal.

    All around the courtyard are half-crescent shaped light fixture, six in
    all. Three per side. Destroy them to reveal a Holocron(H13) then
    continue through the civilians the elevator lobby down below. Another
    gang will attack you here so deal with them before continuing. Only one
    of the elevators is open right now but before taking it head around the
    side of the closed elevator and destroy the barrels found here for a
    Holocron(H14) then, making a big circle, head to the area behind the
    open elevator to grab a blue Lightsaber crystal. Finally, you are ready
    to take the elevator to the next level. A Force Holocron is inside the
    elevator as you enter. At the end of the elevator ride you learn that
    Kleef is actually a Gungan bounty hunter. He caught the Senator but has
    turned him over to his boss, Chop'aa. Time to re-live some Jar-Jar
    killing fantasies.

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    Part 14: Cloud City cont. - Intermission: Corellia

    | Mini-boss: Kleef |

    Kleef has two large droids he uses in the battle against you. The
    droids have a devastating lock-on rocket attack as well as the ability
    to pick you up for massive damage. If this happens break the lock to
    turn the tables on the droids. For the most part the droids need to be
    avoided so you can concentrate all your offensive power on Kleef. The
    droids will be destroyed after Kleef falls under half his health.
    Besides the droids Kleef attacks with quick strikes from his broadsword
    as well as using a specialized grenade to hit you long range. Using a
    combination of Force lightning and other ranged attacks whittle away at
    his health until he falls. You can also make good use of any debris
    near by to pummel him with. Finally, make sure to grab the
    Holocron(H15) near the elevator you got off of before finishing the
    fight. After the battle is over you get on the elevator again and take
    it back to the lobby where you find the elevator across the way is open
    for service. Ignore any enemies and hop on the elevator.

    After you get off the elevator it will be right back to business with
    Chop'aas gang. Fight through the hallway until you reach a large
    outdoor plaza infested with more criminals and civilians alike. Make
    your way around the plaza clearing out all the criminals. There are a
    couple goodies to find in this area. One Holocron(H17) is inside some
    barrels along the outside wall of the right most section of the plaza
    before the red and black section. If you are having trouble finding it
    simply destroy everything you see along the outside parameter until
    you find it. Another Holocron(H18) is inside some barrels in the red
    and black section and there is a Health Holocron above the entrance to
    the long hallway. After you grab that last Holocron look above you if
    you can't see it; double jump from anything tall enough to reach it.

    Head down the long hallway until it opens up into a half-circle room.
    Destroy any enemies that may be oncoming then rip the pipes from the
    machines along the left wall to reveal a Holocron(H18). Continue
    forward towards the green section on your map. Inside the large
    circular room move quick to grab the turret to help you destroy the
    criminals that come rushing in then pull the pipe off the similar
    machine as the previous room to reveal another Holocron(H19). Continue
    down the rest of the hallway and into another circular room. You'll
    immediately spot a Force Holocron across the way so grab it as you
    clear the area of enemies then head into the access tunnel to the last

    As you enter the last area you finally come face to face with Chop'aa.
    He was expecting you and promptly sends some of his best Mandalorians
    out to fight you so take care of them much the same way you did before.
    Ignore the large one. It's Chop'aa in armor and he can't be defeated
    yet. After enough of the Mandalorians have fallen the true battle will

    | Boss: Chop'aa |

    Chop'aa calls a large Basilisk droid to his defense. Climbing on top of
    it he begins his assault on you. Before fighting the Basilisk make sure
    you destroy all the statues at the end of the area to grab the last
    Holocron(H20); its hiding inside the first on the left if you are
    looking out towards the entrance of the area.

    This is by far the strongest boss you have faced so far simply due to
    his extreme resiliency. The Basilisk crawls around very quickly on all
    fours and tries to smash you with either of its large claws; mixing in
    large two handed smashes every so often and it also has the ability to
    fire quick volleys of blaster fire towards you. Its intense speed and
    massive damage negates any hope for a close quarter attack so instead
    try to put as much distance as you can between the two of you and
    pummel it with any debris you can grab in time. More effectively are
    quick lightsaber tosses but those run the risk of your weapon taking
    its time to get back to you. The Basilisk is also vulnerable to Force
    Lightning as it is a droid but the damage is minimal. If you manage to
    put a lot of ground between you and the Basilisk it will fly after you
    and attempt to body slam you. This is the only time a lightsaber attack
    is worth the risk as it is momentarily caught off guard. After enough
    damage has fallen the Basilisk the finishing move will start and
    Chop'aa will be defeated. Be warned that this finishing move is one of
    the longest in the game and that failing will mean certain death.'s not over! Chop'aa comes running from the wreckage to
    attack you head on but without his machinery he isn't so tough. His
    main form of attack is a large pitchfork like pike. He'll swing it with
    both hands at you when you are close and mix in some Ground Slam
    attacks. Keep your distance and attack Chop'aa either by tossing debris
    at him head on or with lightsaber attacks. Force Lightning works well
    to but he has the ability to block that with his weapon. After any
    Ground Slam attack by him he is vulnerable to lightsaber attacks so
    keep that in mind. You can also attempt to take the cheap way out and
    simply spam Ground Slam and Saber Assault attacks of your own and grind
    him down without a chance. After enough abuse Chop'aa will die at your

    You finally get to talk to Senator Garm Bel Iblis. Lobot runs in too
    late to help but the Senator informs you that he will join your
    rebellion and suggests that they all meet with Bail to discuss further
    steps. Starkiller heads back to the Rogue Shadow to meet with Vader
    through PROXY. Juno once again sees you talking to Vader and wonders
    aloud what your intentions are. All the Apprentice will say is that he
    is doing the right thing for both of them.

    You'll earn the Bounty Hunter Disguise for completing Cloud City as
    well as Basilisk War Droid, Chop'aa Notimo, H-TFU and Kleef entries in
    the Database.

    4.14 Intermission: Corellia

    Corellia isn't really a level like the other intermission on Vader's
    Flagship but it serves as the start of the climax in 'The Force

    The Rogue Shadow lands on top of a snowy mountain peak on Corellia.
    Here, all the Rebel leaders have gathered to discuss their future plans
    against the empire. General Kota makes a sober appearance to officially
    join the Alliance. If you are willing to lead then they are willing to
    follow. They decide that Bail Organa will provide the funds, Garm Bel
    Iblis will provide a fleet of starships and Mon Mothma will provide
    manpower. They all three look to you as the leader who brings the Force
    on their side. As Bail Organa makes an official declaration of a
    Rebellion an Imperial Fleet attacks Corellia. The transmission to
    Princess Leia on Alderaan is cut as TIE Fighters fill the skies.

    Just then Darth Vader and a squad of Stormtroopers bursts in and
    attack. Their orders are to take the Alliance members alive. General
    Kota attempts to stop Vader but is no match for the Sith Lord.
    Starkiller, angry at being used by Lord Vader again, leaps to attack
    the Dark Lord but also falls victim to Vader's mastery of the Force. He
    is knocked out into the snow. Lord Vader reveals that he never intended
    to use you as a tool to overthrow the Emperor. He knocks you back with
    the Force and you dangle precariously over a cliff; your lightsaber
    falling to the depths below.

    "Without me, you'll never be free!"

    Just as Vader is about to deal the finishing blow to Starkiller Obi-Wan
    Kenobi leaps out and attacks the Dark Lord wielding General Kota's
    lightsaber. Darth Vader easily defeats the imposter, revealing that it
    is none other then PROXY. The ruse has given Starkiller ample time to
    escape but rather he has fallen to a snowy cliff face below. The Rogue
    Shadow emerges to grab Starkiller up. Back on board Juno and Starkiller
    discuss the next move. Now that its revealed what your true purpose was
    Starkiller finally comes to terms with his destiny and vows to rescue
    the Rebels from the Emperor.

    Doing the only thing he can do, the Apprentice sits down and meditates,
    in hopes of seeing where to go. His vision shows him a massive space
    station still under construction.......

    No rewards for this "mission" but wow, what a twist. You can now read
    about the Death Star and Mon Mothma in the database.

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    Part 15: Death Star (last Mission)

    4.15 Death Star

    | Holocron: 10 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: 1: orange |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: none |
    | Force Holocron: none |
    | Moves Unlocked: none |
    | Characters Unlocked: none |
    | Costume Unlocked: Ceremonial Jedi Robe or Sith Stalker |

    The Rogue Shadow approaches the Death Star still in construction in the
    Outer Rim. Starkiller leaps out of the ship and lands in a large TIE
    Fighter hanger aboard the space station. You don't just barge into the
    largest depot of Imperials and expect an easy time so be on guard.

    Head forward and take on the first of the Imperials that you encounter.
    You'll need to clear some TIE Fighter parts out of the way before your
    each the first upper platform you can leap to. Your presence is known
    so expect TIE Fighters to strafe the walkway ever so often. When you
    reach the first section where you can jump back down to the lower level
    do so and then proceed to the back of the area for the first
    Holocron(H10). Still on the bottom level head through the TIE Fighter
    wreckage at the other end and grab the Holocron(H2) near the fire
    before jumping back up the upper level of the walkway and continuing
    forward. You'll reach an elevator at the end of the walkway which
    takes you an interior section of the battle-station.

    A few Imperial Officers will be waiting for you as you get off the
    elevator so take care of them then use the Force to blow open the door
    to the next area in front of you. You'll be inside one of the access
    ways for the Death Star's main laser. Be careful not to drop into the
    laser chasm at any time as it means instant death. Proceed right
    through the room clearing out any Imperials that may be inside. When
    you hit the end of the room you'll spot a bridge to the left that leads
    to the other side of the chasm. Before heading that way though look
    behind the computer console in the right corner of the area for a
    Holocron(H3). You have to be careful of the laser when crossing as the
    bridge will close momentarily while the laser is firing. Once you make
    it across the chasm you will be presented with two doors you'll need to
    use the Force on. The first one directly in front of the bridge hides a
    lightsaber hilt so head into that one first then into the next area
    marked green on your map through the second door.

    This large area is filled to the brim with enemies including Shadow
    Troopers so feel free to run past them all on the way to the detention
    section in the corner of the room. Make your way down the long hall
    made famous in A New Hope until you emerge on the other side. Clear out
    the computer room of Imperials then destroy the door to the next area
    with the Force. You'll be back in another room connected to the main
    laser chasm. Clear out all opposition then grab the Holocron(H4)
    sitting in plain sight in the back of the room near a computer console
    then wait for the laser to fire before crossing the bridge to the area
    on the other side. A company of Imperial troops will be guarding an
    area blocked off by a large force field. Get rid of the Imperial
    entanglements then drop the force field by destroying the generators on
    the other side with the Force; a Holocron(H5) will appear when both
    are destroyed.

    As you enter the room Juno contacts you and informs you that the
    Imperials have locked on to the Rogue Shadow with a tractor beam. Lucky
    for her you happen to be in the tractor beam control area. Your next
    goal is to destroy the four generators in the room. Two are on your
    side and are easily destroyed by tossing the computer consoles into
    them and the other two across the TIE Fighter launch tube can be
    destroyed by either tossing the same consoles over to them or by
    grabbing the TIE Fighters right out of the air and into the generators.
    When all four have been destroyed the Rogue Shadow will be free. A few
    TIE Fighter will attack you and force you to fall down below to the
    main laser focusing lens. Starkiller quickly leaps out of the way into
    the next area.

    Fight your way through the room and into the hallway that is connected.
    There is a Holocron(H6) inside the first console to your left as your
    round the corner in the hallway. Continue to the very end where the
    hallway opens up into another computer control room connected back to
    the main laser chasm. Clear out any opposition that may knock you into
    the beam as you try to cross the bridge then make your way across when
    the cost is clear. After you have made it across the chasm you'll need
    to kill enough Imperials to deplete the meter before the elevator will
    be accessible that takes you the next area. Make sure to grab the
    Holocron(H7) to the right of the elevator, near the computer console,
    before you head in.

    You'll get off the elevator in an empty room with a sealed door. Break
    through the door and you'll enter a largely occupied room over looking
    a AT-AT hanger. Get rid of the on screen meter by killing enough of the
    surrounding Imperials then take a breather. Look back above the door
    you entered in to spot a Holocron(H8). You'll have to stack crates and
    whatever you can find to reach it with a double jump. Proceed through
    the dropped force field into the next area also overlooking the AT-AT
    hanger and once again, kill enough Imperials to drop the next force

    | Mini-boss: AT-ST |

    Yes, another AT-ST. First, as you enter the room where the walker is
    first jump up to the platform on the wall to the left to grab an orange
    Lightsaber crystal which should be the last one for the game. Now you
    can turn your attention to the AT-ST. The platform you should still be
    standing on has numerous demolition charges you can toss at it for
    substantial damage as well as a few on the floor. The easiest way to
    destroy this particular walker is to stay on the platform and toss your
    saber at it while moving from one end to the other. You'll be sure to
    avoid its feet and most of its laser blasts this way. When the
    finishing move starts finish it off and the game will force you into
    the next area.

    You'll need to move through Imperial infested hallways in this section
    before you get to an elevator lobby overlooking a section of the main
    laser assembly. The area is full of Stormtroopers but there are plenty
    of demolition charges you can use to thin the crowd. Before you hit the
    turn to the elevators look behind the computer consoles to the left for
    a Holocron(H9) then continue into the waiting elevator. Immediately as
    you get off the elevator destroy the computer console to the right for
    the last Holocron(H10) of the level and the game. Then proceed forward
    to the Emperor's personal quarters.

    You interrupt the Emperor's threats towards the Alliance founders.
    General Kota senses your presence as the Emperor sends Lord Vader to
    finish you off.

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    Part 16: Death Star (cont.)

    | Boss: Darth Vader |

    Student versus Master is something that is very familiar to the Dark
    Lord. Darth Vader relies heavily on lightsaber tosses and powerful
    Force pushes to keep distance between him and his former apprentice. If
    you get too close he'll use his pure strength to batter you with his
    lightsaber. There are several strategies that prove useful against the
    Dark Lord. The first is to attack with Force Lightning to hopefully
    engage him in a Force Lock. The second is to attack from the air with
    Ground Slam and Saber Assault backed up by lightsaber slashes in his
    dazed state. You might also find some luck tossing your lightsaber at
    him but don't bother to toss at debris, he's too quick. As his health
    starts to fall not only does his physical appearance start to change
    but he starts to rely on Force based attacks more often. He'll start
    using Force Repulse as well as tossing more and more debris at you from
    afar. When he starts with these desperate tactics then is the time to
    step up your attack. Blast him with Force Lightning repeatedly to gain
    either a foothold for an attack with your saber or a Force Lock you can
    easily win. Saber locks become more common as Vader nears defeat and
    the they both become harder to win so be on the look out. However, like
    all your opponents, Darth Vader eventually will succumb and the best
    finishing move in the entire game will begin.

    Starkiller's violence towards his former master will knock them both
    into the audience room of Emperor Palpatine. Inside he is holding the
    Alliance founders hostage as he awaits the outcome of your battle with
    the Dark Lord. As you stand over the defeated and broken Lord Vader
    Emperor Palpatine orders you to kill the broken Sith Lord and take his
    place at his side. Just then General Kota lashes out and grabs the
    Emperor's lightsaber and attempts to strike him down but the blind Jedi
    Master is no match for the power of the Dark Side. As Palpatine shocks
    General Kota to death with Force Lightning Bail Organa screams for you
    to help him while Lord Vader rises to his feet.

    You have a choice. Do you attempt to gain back what is left of your
    destiny and soul by trying to save the Rebellion or do you give in to
    your anger and destroy Darth Vader?

    If you decide to try and save the Rebellion and the Alliance Founders
    then continue on to section 4.16 Light Side Ending. However, if you
    decided to take your revenge against Darth Vader then proceed to
    section 4.17 Dark Side Ending.

    4.16 Light Side Ending

    You make a mad dash towards the Emperor; a sad attempt to save General
    Kota's life. Not surprised at your decision the Emperor turns his
    attention to you.

    | Final Boss: Emperor Palpatine |

    He may be the Emperor but he's still a shmuck. Palpatine is a master of
    the Dark Side of the Force so therefore can easily shake aside almost
    all of your Force based attacks. Force Lightning however almost always
    gets your locked in a Force lock, granting you the opportunity you need
    to get a foot in the door. Not only does the resulting attack take
    damage but the Emperor is open to a few parries after the fact but you
    must act quickly. Attempting to take Palpatine on saber for saber is
    suicide so instead take your time to get in his defenses. He'll attack
    heavily with Force Lightning and large Force Pushes at a distance from
    you so concentrate on staying mobile and move in for the Ground Slam or
    Saber Assault on the down side of any of his attacks then follow up
    with a few lightsaber slashes before jumping out of the mix. Tossing
    your lightsaber at him can catch him off balance but he usually either
    swats it aside or jumps away. Use his predictability against him and
    bring down his health slowly but surely. When his health has passed the
    halfway mark go ahead and make more attempts at striking him with your
    lightsaber as saber locks will now happen with more frequency. These,
    like the Force locks, are the sure bet to victory over Emperor
    Palpatine. When Darth Sidious has finally had enough the finishing
    move will start and Starkiller will find himself standing over a
    pleading Emperor.

    As he lays at your feet he goads you to give into your anger and strike
    him dead as he lays there. As you raise your lightsaber General Kota
    instructs you to let go of your hatred and walk away. Agreeing
    Starkiller turns away from the Emperor and releases the rest of the
    Alliance founders from their holding cells. Just then the Rogue Shadow
    comes plowing through the dome. Emperor Palpatine leaps back to the
    offensive and attacks you again with a powerful Force Lightning Storm.
    The Apprentice, now redeemed by his own actions, holds off Palpatine's
    attack while the others make it to the ship. Kota, blind, holds off the
    approaching Stormtroopers with Palpatine's lightsaber and he too, makes
    it aboard the ship. Starkiller screams out in pain as the Force
    Lightning overtakes the whole room and when the attack clears, the
    Apprentice lays dead at the Emperor's feet.

    "His sacrifice will only inspire them..."

    Lord Vader promises his master that he will hunt down and destroy all
    the Alliance founders. Meanwhile, back on Kashyyyk the Alliance
    founders vow to continue what was started here recently. Picking the
    family crest of your lineage as their symbol of hope the Rebel Alliance
    is officially born. As the game ends General Kota admits to Juno that
    he always knew who Starkiller was and the fact that Starkiller loved
    Juno was his the cause of his redemption.

    For successfully completing the game with the light side ending you'll
    gain access to the Ceremonial Jedi Robe costume as well as the ability
    to play the game again with all upgrades and Force Powers.

    Congratulations on a job well done!

    4.17 Dark Side Ending

    Giving into your hate and thirst for revenge you attack Darth Vader in
    his weakened state. Even in his present condition the Dark Lord is a
    force to be reckoned with.

    | Final Boss: Darth Vader |

    Darth Vader attacks this second time around much the same way he did
    previously. He relies heavily on overhand and large side to side swipes
    with his lightsaber while you are close and Force based attacks while
    you are away. More often then the last battle he'll call on the Force
    to pummel you with all the near by objects much like your Force
    Maelstrom ala The Empire Strikes Back. IN his damaged state and being
    that he is "more machine now then man" Force Lightning can play a heavy
    role in the battle and has a chance to grab him up in a Force Lock
    which is easily one. Beyond that stick with attacking from the air
    using Ground Slam and Saber Assault then following up with a few cheap
    lightsaber strikes to bring the Dark Lord to his knees. You can also
    toss your lightsaber at him from a distance but it's hot or miss. When
    his life hits around a quarter remaining the finishing move will begin.
    It's long and quick so pay attention.

    After the brutal Force beating you just gave him Lord Vader rises to
    his feet once more but is knocked down once again. Looking into his
    victims eyes the Apprentice takes his revenge on his former master and
    runs him in with his lightsaber as Kota screams for you to stop. The
    Emperor all but finishes off the blind General and begins to
    congratulate you on your victory.

    "You have just one final test."

    To prove your loyalty to the Sith, Emperor Palpatine orders you to
    finish off your friends and become a Sith Lord. Raising his blade the
    Apprentice turns around and attacks a waiting Emperor Palpatine. He
    knew full well what was in your mind. Reaching out with the Force the
    Sith Lord pulls the waiting Rogue Shadow out of space, through the
    windows and crashing down on the whole room, killing all the Alliance
    founders and yourself in the process...

    ...or did he? An unspecified amount of time later you wake up on an
    operating table surrounded by medical droids with the Emperor standing
    over you. Much the same way he did with Anakin Skywalker, Emperor
    Palpatine has rebuilt your broken body with mechanics for his personal
    use. You may have failed in his ambitions to be his successor but he
    still has enemies he needs hunted down. For the time being, you are

    For beating "The Force Unleashed" with the Dark Side ending you'll
    unlock the Sith Stalker Armor costume for use in duel mode and on the
    Rogue Shadow as well as the ability to play the game again with all
    upgrades and Force Powers. are still alive...sort of.

    Thanks for reading hope this helped. Press the thanks button.
    If you have any questions pm me.


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    Cheat Codes

    6.01 Cheat Codes

    Cheat codes can be found by looking at the unlocked art obtained by
    collecting the 200 Holocron and are entered by accessing the 'Extra'
    section of the Rogue Shadow. Look for where Juno is standing to find
    it. Enter each code as it is spelled below for the desired effect. The
    Costume codes are for the single player game only.

    NOTE: Cheats can't be entered until accessing the Rogue Shadow and
    using them can deny you certain Holocron spread around the levels.

    __________________________________________________ ______
    | | |
    | Cheat | Effect |
    | CORTOSIS Grants the Apprentice Invincibility |
    | LIGHTSABER Strengthens your Lightsaber |
    | VERGENCE Unlimited Force power |
    | SPEEDER 1,000,000 Force Points |
    | TYRANUS All Force Powers available |
    | KATARN Maximum Force level |
    | COUNTDOOKU Maximum Combo level |
    | GRANDMOFF Unlocks Most Costumes |
    | DANTOOINE Ceremonial Jedi Robe Costume |
    | WOOKIEE Kento's Robe Costume |
    | LEGION 501st Stormtrooper Costume |
    | KORRIBAN Sith Stalker Costume |
    | AAYLA Aayla Secura Costume |
    | CHOSENONE Anakin Skywalker Costume |
    | HOLOCRON Sith Robe Costume |
    | ITSATWAP Admiral Ackbar Costume |
    | NOTIMO Chop'aa Notimo Costume |
    | ACOLYTE Asajj Ventress Costume |
    | SERENNO Count Dooku Costume |
    | ZABRAK Darth Maul Costume |
    | TK421 Classic Stormtropper Costume |
    | HIDDENFEAR Darth Phobos Costume |
    | DREXLROOSH Drexl Roosh Costume |
    | PAUAN Darth Desolous Costume |
    | SITHLORD Darth Vader Costume |
    | MARAJADE Mara Jade Costume |
    | T16WOMPRAT Luke Skywalker Costume |
    | KLEEF Kleef Costume |
    | PALPATINE Emperor Palpatine Costume |
    | MANDALORE General Rahm Kota Costume |
    | ECLIPSE Juno Eclipse Costume |
    | SCOUNDREL Lando Calrissian Costume |
    | SHOCKTROOP Heavy Trooper Costume |
    | NERFHERDER Han Solo Costume |
    | JEDIMASTER Mace Windu Costume |
    | YELLOWJCKT Yavin Luke Costume |
    | BENKENOBI Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume |
    | MAVERICK Qui-Gon Jinn Costume |
    | INTHEDARK Shadowtrooper Costume |
    | SECURA Twi'lek Costume |
    | HOLOGRAM PROXY Costume |
    | STORMTROOP Navy Commando Costume |
    | MARISBROOD Maris Costume |
    | TOGRUTA Shaak Ti Costume |

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