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[Guide]Wii Game Manager

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Working With Wii Game Manager

What this program will do for you!

The primary function of this program is conversion to/from .iso and .wbfs files

Sub functions include:
Adding and removing files to/from WBFS formatted partitions
Game cover management (Display and download)
List export and print functions
Partition formatting to WBFS
As of version 1.4 it has support for multiple languages
Has support for most all of the functions of wbfs_file.exe (new functions are added all the time)
Has preliminary support for wiitdb xml information (synopsis, players, genre etc etc)

What this program will not do for you.

It does not include support for formats not supported by wbfs_file.exe (ISO, WBFS, and WBFS partitions)
It does not download games nor will it tell you where to get them, don't ask or I will make you walk the PLANK.
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  1. Grandpa1959's Avatar
    Hi Piere, why will this not run properly on win 7 64 bit ????? most strange, will not open full list of wbfs files. Do I need a different version. I have been using this simple to use file converter/transfer system without fail on win xp. But i've just updated my fuse to 500amperes. to cope with the frustration, Smile it's Christmas. Any advice please my friend,
    regards Gramps