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Thread: Emulator Forwarding issues

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    Any particular emulator you can't get to run or all of them? Not all emulators for the Wii support USB loading. Some will only work from an SD card.
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    yeah i know about that, let me line up things so you have a better understading of what i have done so far ad what i might doing wrong..

    - wii system menu 4.3E
    - hbc 1.0.8 | ios61 v22.30
    - wiiflow 2.2beta by hybernatetus

    some emulators :
    • FCE Ultra GX - Nintendo (NES) roms
    • Genesis Plus - Genesis en/of Megadrive roms
    • Hugo-Wii - Turbo Grafix 16 en/of PC Engine roms
    • SMSPlus - Sega Master System en/of Game Gear roms
    • Snes9x GX - Super Nintendo (SNES) roms
    • Trojan Wii - Trojan LCD Game Simulator roms
    • Wii64 - Nintendo 64 roms
    • WiiEngine - Turbo Grafix 16 en/of PC Engine roms
    • WiiSX - Playstation 1 (PS1) roms
    • Yabause Wii - Sega Saturn roms
    • Frodo - Commodore 64 roms
    ok so now what i have done is :

    i have usb drive with 2 partitions the first paritions is wfbs and the seconds is formated as fat with the easyeus partition manager.
    i can play all my backups trought the wiiflow app in hbc, even save data on the fat32 like covers etc. i checked it with the pc when i hooked it up after trying to update all my covers . works fine . but the emulators dont. i also took the apps and the [emufoldername] and paste them on the the usb fat32. then load up the emu's one by one and try to acces the hdd. that did work so i changed the active partition from wbfs to the second partition fat32. that didnt work either, i tried to run all emulators once more to see it it recognize my usb drive, but it doesnt . but if i put them on the sd-card they all work fine.
    do you know how i can make this to work..

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