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Thread: Are Sony Dvd-R generally good for Wii Use?

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    Back in the day, Sony 8x media was manufactured by TY, it was a TY disc with a Sony label on it. I've had a number of 4x and 8x media that was manufactured by TY with a different label on it. The manufacturer ID was Yuden.

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    What do you mean with TY?

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    TY = Taiyo Yuden
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    Think he means Taiyo Yuden, however, "TY" hasn't manufactured for Sony since 2008. Unlikely he'll be finding TY made Sony discs still on a store shelf from 4 yrs ago. For my 1.5 cents, I've backed up tons of media once I learned scratching discs is a favorite pasttime for children (and my son is a Jedi Master) and I'll tell you I don't think I've ever made a single coaster, be it games or movies when using Verbatims, and I mean their pedestrian low-end offerings. You can buy them for as low as $28 w/free shipping on the Bay for 100 Ct DVD-R (but I never burn faster than 2X), so why drop $20 for a 50 Ct of Sony at your local Walmart when you can have Verbs for what amounts to $14 per 50 Ct? Also I don't believe crappy media will ever physically damage your laser, only your wallet. (-;/

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