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Thread: Discs no longer work?

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    There are a fair number of posts about this. Also please don't post your question within another persons question posting, make a new one for your question.

    The answer is you can't unless you have a special LG PC DVD drive that can read the discs. Or get your laser fixed (pretty cheap) or use a friends modded Wii to copy your games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by selphy View Post
    So it's a hardware issue....again. :/

    I've been contemplating switching to USB for some time now actually, just didn't know where to start, my Wii seems like it's modded but not all the way through. One more question though, just to confirm. After doing everything in the guide and installing all the IOS/cIOSes, will I lose my ability to play backup discs? I still want them.
    No it will still be fine to play back ups from disc.. but if you do, will kill your laser.... again...
    Quote Originally Posted by warrrreagl View Post
    This is my first post, and I apologize deeply if this has already been covered (I really did look, but I didn't see it). My Wii has also stopped reading discs, and I am in the process of setting up an external USB HD for game play. However, the only missing component from all the directions I'm using is how to get a game from a Wii disc TO the USB HD.

    My discs are fine. My Wii works perfectly (minus the laser being shot). I have the USB HD formatted, and Homebrew installed on my Wii.

    How do I get a game FROM the disc TO the USB HD?
    ahh... and there lies the issue... You can rip them from original disc to the usb device using a loader and the wii but your laser is shot.. your only option is to download them but I cant help you with that.. Personally Id spend the 8 bucks to fix my laser and THEN get the usb thing goin.

    Did I come off like a jerk?? Read more here


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