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Thread: animal and need for spped wotn work HELPP

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    animal and need for spped wotn work HELPP

    hi guys ive burned over 100 wii games for some reason awhile back i could not get need for speed undercover to work. it would show the need for speed picture then i would go in it and hit start and my wii would just freeze, my controller would shut off. i tryed 4 disc then i just gave up.

    and now the same thing has happened to animal crossing shows picture when i click on it and hit start the games would try to laod up and freeze and controller would shut off and i need to unplug wii to turn off.

    im using d2pro9 and firmware 3.4
    i burn image burn 4x verbatim -r and wiu 1.1

    it just doesnt make sense im do the games all the same way and i brick block every game no matter if it my region or not. but me wii is up to date so that shouldn't matter

    just posting this to see if anyone else has had the problem or if they fixed it

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