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Thread: IMGburn in a pact with the devil

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    I don't wanna hijack someone else's post but can you guys tell me what These numbers mean for me? My Wii says there is a 75% chance I have the GC2-D3 with no drive chip and a 25% chance it has the GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip. I'm assuming it's good because I have it reading burned copies of games. Not reliably for sure but it is nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by narse1979 View Post
    Your drive can play backup discs.
    As blu says all wii's say 2006.

    Try cleaning the wii laser.......

    Also have you thought about get a 8GB USB STICK ---> Cheaper than desktop hdd's
    How do I go about cleaning the lens w/o ripping it apart?
    Also I'm now experiencing dvd error 1208 with neogammaR9. I'm going to try a burn at 2x with nero instead of 4x with imgburn. After that I'm going to try some different ISOs. If I still can't get it working I'm going to do a system check if you could take a look at it for me.
    sorry if I ramble

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    Get a Nintendo wii lens cleaning kit.

    Lens Cleaning Kit (Wii): PC & Video Games

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