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Thread: Dumping time.

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    I wouldn't call it a waste of money. Did you buy it used? There may be a faster way of doing it then using rawdump. Not to sure though to be honest.

    I haven't looked into it because I either rip them with my USB Loader or download the ISO for my retail game and put it on the drive with WBFS manager.

    I can't see anyone using rawdump when it says it takes 50 plus hours for one disk.
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    I didnt know rawdump was going to take that long,if i had realized that usb GX loader could backup my wii game as well as load them,i wouldn't of wasted my cash on the new dvd rom drive. Yes the drive is new at 25.99 Thanks for you help...

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    I had all my back up systems working properly and today I was backing up a game and it begins the process but just freezes up..... I am using the USB loader and extracting the files directly from the wii to my HDD can anyone help me let me know what i may be doing wrong.... Like I said it worked five minutes before that and my WII is still working properly. I am only having problems with copying my disk to my HDD... Thanks in advance everyone....

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