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Thread: general inquiry on a bad thread title

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    Us i need a lot of help

    it's late, so i'm sorry if all this stuff has been answered already.

    anyway, i'm curious if there is a better brand of dvd-r to use for wii backups, also gamecube backups. i use mac disk utility to burn dvds, so i assume it works because it has an img. burner. i used to use img. burn when i used windows, and my wii was a launch, so for some reason it would only read dvd+r. i just recently got another wii though, which was bought new in like october. i soft modded with indiana pwns, and i've been so busy with snes roms that i haven't even gotten to wii games yet. i use gekko os from the homebrew browser to load wii backups, correct? what loader do i use to load gamecube games? also, i understand that a dvd-r will hold like 3 gamecube backups. how do i go about doing this?

    also, i have a demonoid account, but i seem to have a lot of trouble finding quality torrents for games. i've been DYING to play new super mario bros, so if anybody has any invites to a really good, reliable torrent site centered around gaming, i'd really appreciate it. i know that i'm new, and i don't really know forum etiquette here, but i figure i can't be messing up that bad on my second post haha.

    ALSO, i've been really displeased with a lot of the 64 roms i've found. in tony hawk everything is just terrible. do better roms exist, or did i just run onto the norm? i want to play a quality tony hawk rom or donkey kong 64 rom SO bad, but the ones i've found are so terrible. i use vimm for my roms, but is something better out there?

    thanks in advance, i really appreciate all the help i can get. i'm real excited to delve deeper into this stuff!
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    No asking for invites outside the Invites forum and without meeting the 5+ post requirement. We're happy to help you in any way we can, but the rules are there for a reason.
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