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Thread: Super Smash brother brawl help

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    Super Smash brother brawl help

    i downloaded a copy of this game, but it's 8gb..the nfo that came with it said "when burning set the manual layer break for 2084960 and it will burn fine"
    But when i try to burn it with Imgburn i get this error "Failed to Reverse Track! Reason:Invalid Field in CDB".. I'm using Sony DVD-R and it worked for all the games i burnt so far..Do i need to use a Verbatim DVD-R for this game?

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    How do you plan to fit a 8GB+ game on a 4.37GB DVD-R disc?

    Why do you think the nfo says to set a 'layer' break?

    Is there such a thing as DVDs with more than one layer?

    What you need are Verbatim but they are not DVD-R, they are something else, with just 1 or 2 more letters.
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