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Thread: Scrubbing/Burning Wii games on MAC

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    Scrubbing/Burning Wii games on MAC

    Just looking for any advice on how to scrub/patch/burn Wii game son a mac... i dont want to taint my beautiful machine with windoze on a dual boot... if i have to.. then i spose ill have to... help me keep my machine gates FREE!!!

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    Unfortunately, there is no wiiscrubber for mac. To burn an iso you could use the disc utility or Burn OS X. You could also use VMWare to 'emulate' a windows os but it lags a lot. I've made my macbook dualboot. Just run BootCamp (Applications -> Utilities -> BootCamp Assistant), Partition the drive as you like, insert a windows installation disc. Select Start Installation. It will reboot and boot the disc. Install. After you install Windows and load into windows, insert you Mac OS X Install Disc, launch the bootcamp installer. It will install all the drivers for windows and will allow you to set a default partition to boot. That's what I Did and my mac runs just as it would run without partitioning.

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    Are you just looking to get a scrubbed version onto a usb hard drive? If so, you can use WBFS for MacOS X 1.2 which will scrub it before it puts it on your usb hard drive.

    You can extract the ISO again from the USB drive but it readds the unusable space unfortunately.

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