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Thread: New Mac User need help burning rar

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    Us New Mac User need help burning rar

    I wish someone could create a forum that applies to the mac user, maybe someone can direct me to it? My issue is... Yes besides being new to the whole wii hacking sport. I successfully modded my wii using the 3.1 - 4.1 guide. I also successfully have a couple games burned (punchout, super mario Bros, Sonic Rings, Zelda, Cabales Big Game) Anyway all of these work, but they all have one thing in common. Either they were scrubbed and patched versions, or they were straight ISO format.

    My question is when I download games like recently call of duty. It comes as a rar. when I extract it using UnrarX. It does find an ISO file. Next I go to disc utility to burn, and it keeps spitting the disc out asking for another. So I put another disc in there and it says "this disc does not support more burns" or something similar. Any advise.

    Remember that I recently have successfully burned games in this same fashion. Only they were scrubbed and patched.

    I do also have a program called wiijunkies that patches the game. not sure how great it works because I cant get anything to work.
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    Try using Burn OSX instead:
    Burn - Home

    Download, Unzip and run. Select the copy tab and drag the image into area.

    It could be the disc that is the problem or even the laser if burn doesn't work.
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    If you DL any kind of image file safari for some reason creates a rar file. you could try and use Disc Utility to crate an .iso from your dl.. Dunno if it will work.


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