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Thread: Modded Wii won't play backups???

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    Unhappy Modded Wii won't play backups???

    Ok I have modded my Wii with a drivekey and I have been useing the USBGecko with my laptop to extract the ISOs. This requires the usbgecko launch disc that is burnt to a TDK -r and this works everytime I put it in the Wii. I have also downloaded Punch out (Pal Version I have a NTFC Wii) to see if it was my ripping method that was causeing the problem. I have used Nero, Imgburn, cdclone at different speeds but with nothing but DREs. I have used TDKs, Taiyo Yuden, and Verbatim all -r with no success either. The game that I have ripped with the usbgecko is wiisports and when I burn this game to disc it always gives me a DRE. When I burn Punch out to disc and put it in the Wii it seems that my Wii crashes since the pointer on the sreen dissapears and nothing on the Wii will respond except the eject button and the Wii needs to be unplugged in order to reset it. I can get access to the Drivekey menu and change its settings also as said before the usbgecko launcher disc works so this makes me believe that the Drivekey is working right I suppose. I have used both the Sony opteric drive on my laptop and my Samsung SH-S202N drive on my desktop burn these games and still the same results. The image files for the games are the right size before anyone asks and I do believe that the rip of wiisports is good just that my burns aren't working. Please help me I am at a total lose as to why my backups won't work on my Wii. Could it be that I am burning the games wrong or could it be that I might need a different burning drive to make my backups? Any help will be really apreciated. Also feel free to ask me anything and I will respond really quickly.

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    Thumbs up softmod wii wont play backups anymore

    Hi to you all, i had my wii softmoded about a year ago everything was ok until yesterday i put in a game and it comes up with an error (002). The games show up in the disk channel but when i click on it it just comes up with the error, I can still play original games. is there anyway i can get it to work again, thanks


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