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Thread: ISO wrong file format?

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    Well cIOS38 rev 13b is meant for USB Loading so I'm not convinced that's the one you need. I guess no harm in trying though. cIOS38 is easy to install and there's several posts on here regarding it to help you understand how you go about doing that, such as this one. There's even installation instructions in the download.

    Not tried Tiger Woods 2010 myself so am unaware of what IOS updates it requires to function with Motionplus.

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    cIOS38 rev 13b did end up working, it took me a couple times of messing with things, but I got it to all work.

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    u can try this if u want...with wiiscrubber load the iso then search the main.idol in the main partition.right click extract it and store it somewhere on ur pc then open generic patcher...load that main.idol there...u will c the option search error 002..when it find it..the remove 002 button is enabled...just click on it then click save to save the nes patched main.idol...then back to wii scrubber right click on the main idol once more and select replace..then just burn that iso...

    it's complicated i knw..but it is an option to fix that error 002

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