New to the scene so aplogies if ive missed something

Bought new wii last week and drivekey. Drivekey would read backups but not originals. Discovered then when trying to USB Gecko to backup said Failed to read ID and please ensure disc is original.

Ok so turns out my wii has the silver ribbon cable thing so they sent me the new drivekey which has the bigger capacitor and seems to work fine.. Popped in several original game discs and work fine.

However trying to backup original game and all of them say same thing failed to read ID please ensure disc is original. Trying with Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy and Top Spin 3 all PAL. Confirmed can play these games fine so I know the drivekey is now working with original discs

Tried to backup the copy of the Gecko disc which I downloaded and burnt and it wanted to work.

Anyone know if drivekey and USB gecko work together? As it seems right now its still not letting me backup original games...