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Thread: Do DVD+R actually hurt the wii?

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    Maybe that was my problem overall with the +Rs. The ones I used were really cheap. I think paid like $5 bucks for the bundle at Radio Shack. I don't even remember the brand name off the top of my head. I bought them in a pinch and didn't realize they were +Rs when I grabbed them. I normally use Sony -Rs for everything not just the Wii. I only needed to use a few to decide they were trash. I think they are still in a box in my basement somewhere.
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    whats a aizo dye?
    oh and these are the ones im buying Verbatim 43548 DVD-R 16x 50pk Spindle: VERBATIM: Electronics do thes have azo dye?
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    What is bad for your Wii is the use of cheap media. If you use a good quality media (taiyo yuden or verbatims with the azo dye) then DVD -R or DVD +R should be fine. A cheap DVD -R will have more read errors than a good quality DVD +R, read errors is what causes the problems.
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