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Thread: DSi/XL System Menu 1.4.3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac_au View Post
    M3i update is useless for people with cards that aren't the latest GMP-Z003, as it doesn't work for the cards that actually need a f-core update.
    The link in the first post for this update tells you everything you need to know,its from the official m3i forum.from what i gather there are two ways of doing this either with or without the core data file.If the dsi has been updated you need to use s ds lite/phat,i would recommend doing it that way. i cant confirm whether the update cable method works for this as i dont have a m3i,maybe shadowsonic can shed some light on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shift_Lock View Post
    Sources for the info? I'll update the first post if you can verify.
    Hi, just noticed this had been responded to as I have gave up trying to update some of the cards that we own. Have both types of M3i Zero cards the newer ones update the older ones are no longer supported.
    F_Core update has never been supplied for cards that were supplied at the same time as the GMP-Z003 marked ones.

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