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Thread: 3DS Xl Ver 4.5.0-10u

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth3dsgamer View Post
    there is no flashcart that supports 3ds games, the supercard dstwo, r4i gold 3ds and other 3ds flashcarts are only able to run DS games on 3ds. usually supercard dstwo is recommened over the r4i card because it is more powerful (gba/snes emulator is acceptable), if u dont need the extra features, go for the r4i gold card.
    Regardless if you need the features it is still better to go with DSTwo if you plan on using it on a 3DS. R4igold has several hardware revisions and older revisions gets blocked. My R4 was blocked on 3DS after having it only for a couple of months. It is the latest RevC, but even then there are different versions of RevC and only some of them work. I had the DSTwo even longer and it never gets blocked and if it does they realease an update to get around the block almost immediately.

    If I only had the R4 I would have had to buy a new one and buying 2 R4's is about the same as buying one DSTwo. Its great for DSPhat and DSlite (or even DSi to some degree as it is not very painful to avoid updating DSi firmware)
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