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Thread: Thinking of buying

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsflashcart
    Sorry, what is H2H, i can find a time and test it for you on my r4i gold 3ds card.
    Like 2 player games

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Hack View Post
    Hey, not very familiar with the 3DS scene... Looking to buy a 3DS (or XL)
    Is there anything I should know before purchasing it. I know that there are flash kards that will let me put 3ds game backups onto them so I don't need to carry around all my games. How does it work and which ones should I get for each 3ds?
    If you're not familiar with 3ds flash kards, you can purchase a supercard dstwo or r4i gold 3ds with the latest firmware already patched on it so it'll work with your 3DS 4.5.0-10 console.I got my 3ds kards from all of their newer 3ds kards come preflashed with the latest firmware to support the latest 3DS update.
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