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Thread: How do you add AR Codes to the R4i 3DS?

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    How do you add AR Codes to the R4i 3DS?

    I know it has something to do with the urcheat.dat file, however I just can't find any resources online to show how to do it. I remember the R4i for DSL being pretty easy 'cuz you just opened the cheat database file in Wordpad, added what you wanted, then copied it over.

    I also downloaded the Cheat Code Editor to try and edit the urcheat.dat file, but every time I try to load the database, the program freezes. So, that's a dead end.

    I'm just looking to add some Pokemon B2/W2 codes. I have the code I wish to use already, which allows you to unlock the Challenge Mode keys (still can't understand why Gamefreak is so stupid, and Nintendo, at that), but I just can't figure out how to add it to my flashcart. I'm currently using the R4i 3DS with Wood Firmware v1.53.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Step 1.
    • Download cheat database editor - R4CCE
    • Run r4cce.exe and open the usrcheat.dat from the SD:__rpgcheatsusrcheat.dat

    Step 2.
    • scroll down to Pokemon White (any version should work) then right click > copy and right click again and paste.
    • scroll down to the bottom of the list and select the copy you just made.
    • You can then change the game title to something more meaningful.

    • Click on the ... button near the (Dup?) button.
    • Browse for your Pokemon White ROM.
    • Finally click File > Save.

    this is the guide i found on the forum, haven't tried it yet, will try it myself later. hope it works.
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    Thanks a bunch. I'm trying it out now.
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    We do not support cheating or assist in cheating.
    Please read the Forum Rules.

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