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Thread: Drivekey 2 and 4.3U - initial thoughts

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    Oh jeez. Being snarky while adding cheesy freedom of speech soapbox material on this board is a "no-no". You guys should seriously take off your skirts and do something manly to get that testosterone back. Guys should be able to bust eachothers balls. I couldn't care who deleted my post. Judging by the views of this thread, everyone and their mom is loving this "so-called" drama. Again, estrogen levels are way too high here. I have lurked along time on this forum and thought I'd contribute and give something back. My balls get busted, I bust some back and all of the sudden, people cry.

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    Clearly there's a misunderstanding here, then: How you feel things should be on this forum and how things are, are two very different approaches. To clarify, certainly you're encouraged to voice your own opinion. Disagreements happen here all the time. But your last post demonstrates what we expected of you: A complete lack of respect for anyone but yourself.

    This started as a simple removal for a useless post which you've unnecessarily extended into an argument over, as you imply, testosterone. We appreciate your attempt at contributing, but perhaps you should find another forum more suited to your personality.

    This thread is closed, as you've obviously no desire to continue it's original intent.

    Edit: As a side note, this user was not banned for his remarks here. He was banned for blatant disrespect and childish behavior elsewhere on the forum. Big shock, I know.
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    Boy, didn't see that coming (I'm lying, lol).

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