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Thread: Backups Not Working

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    Quote Originally Posted by freethepwnies View Post
    I personally don't mind doing either one...I love messing with tech! But what I'm looking for is the best compatibility with games and the most stable solution. That way I won't have to worry about messing up my Wii or having to totally redo a mod because its become outdated. I don't mind periodically updating the IOS if I take the softmodding route, but will I ever have to reinstall EVERYTHING? Also, if I try softmodding but decide its too much of a hassle is there any way of going back to a clean Wii? Sorry about all the questions, I just want some reassurance since I've never softmodded in my life.

    But ultimately, do you guys think softmodding is the way to go or should I wait for the WiiKey Fusion to be released? Or is there a better modchip that allows you to use an external hardrive? Because I think the WiiKey Fusion only allows SD cards...
    you won't ever have to redo everything unless you accidentally update through ninetndo, also if you want to go back to a clean wii you can just use a guide here or do a NAND restore.

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    Ok so I'm about to go ahead and softmod my Wii...before doing so however, should I remove the Drivekey chip or does it not matter? Also about backing up the NAND, is this is even usable if you install bootmii as an IOS? I'm kinda confused about that since in dogeggs' tutorial it says "It is not recommended to restore your NAND if you have Bootmii installed as an IOS."

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