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Thread: DriveKey Failing

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    I found something!

    Do you have a silver flatcable in your Wii? (like the picture)
    A big chance that your DriveKey won't play original games!

    I replaced the cable with a new one and it works fine!

    (sorry for my bad English)
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    i am not sold on the 4x diode, mine had it and when i checked it on the drivekey website they said it was bad.

    i think they should have done more testing before releasing it.

    at least they are doing rma's

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    /siiiiiigh... think i'm in same boat as others here.

    My Drivekey flashes a blue light a couple times, the disc stops spinning and usually I get the "An error has occurred. Press the Eject.." message.

    Some additional details:
    - I could get to the chip settings fine (via 3-hit EJECT) and was able to set to AUTOBOOT and save the settings
    - I tried using another ribbon (from another Wii I had lying around) but chip performed the same.
    - The DriveKeys AUTOBOOT setting did take because the Wii now does autoboot my Wii discs

    Looks like I get to wait another friggin week or two to try a new chip - that is *IF* does right by me and gets me a new one.

    Argh... so frustrating!
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