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I've seen you refer to the d2sun in a number of posts as a "budget" chip, with a connotation that you pay less and therefore you get less. But from reading the descriptions I can't quite tell what it's missing compared to the other two (the v2 and v3 d2sun are both upgradeable via jtag). Can you help explain?
the jtag update and other fancy features like usb upgrades are not really needed and just drive the cost up for chips.....wasabi does not have jtag update and yet thier chip works flawless on all boards....d2pro has dvd update and jtag update and yet there are still issues on d2e boards..we dont consider a d2sun as a budget chip just because it costs less.....you dont have to spend more money to get more quality as others seem to make customers beleive. If a $55 solution works better or same as a $75+ solution then you can judge for urself.