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Thread: D2Pro9 Canadamods - Having Problems

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    Did you try PM'ing Spyman here are the forum? He was really bad at returning my emails too, but he did reply a little bit better to my PM's.

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    I did not install my chip properly. I emailed them. He responded very quickly and my problem was soon resolved.
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    I can only say all my experience with canadamods have been fine.. between my friends and I we have ordered 4 solderless d2pro's.. 1 had an issue and Al RMA'd it and was very helpful with it..

    As everyone mentioned email/phone is not the best means of communication... PM through here.. reacting in the manner you are is not going to get you far either..

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    First off if you found this forum why not send me a PM ?
    Secondly: I have the emails that show what you ordered, you ordered 10 d2pro chips only not solderless. (2.5/1.7) does not equal solderless, (2.5/1.7) = the firmware !

    The quote you were given is for 10 d2pro chips only, if we sold 10 solderless ones at that price we'd be losing money per chip ! Perhaps you should go back and re-read all the emails. And perhaps you should check the notice we have about our email filter, as that was the period of time you were emailing in.

    You've now added a threat, as well as a libel statement, if you keep up you will hear from our lawyer about a defamation suit.
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