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Thread: WII and D2PRO is killing me

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatMaserati View Post
    Herein lies your problem...

    " i expect it to work right out of the box."

    The world doesn't work like that. Update it to 2.3 actel chip firmware (or get your supplier to do it for you) and it will work a charm, and it's not a hassle. It's called "the world of computers" and updating firmware based on different harware revisions designed to catch out modders is not 'unexpected' or 'unreasonable'.

    I had the inching problem, waited patiently for a firmware fix (instead of soldering anything), updated my firmware to v2.3 and it runs a dream. No hassles. The D2Pro9, once installed, is a very good modchip on _any_ hardware revision Wii as long as you find the best firmware for that hardware revision.
    splendidly replied, and its true to say that technology in my experience never "works right out of the box."

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    J wire for inching/inserting prob/eject prob on d2e wii with d2pro9(d2e) modchip

    DO NOT Run the 2.3 config and 1.6 update is only for d2pro9(d2e) modchip going onto a d2c2 or d2c wii
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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody or just anoynimous
    You have to be sure that yours D2PRO has blue sticker D2E COMPATIBLE. You can't downgrade the firmware to 2.3 because D2E D2PRO has 3.0 firmware, the only one (right now) able to run on D2E Wiis.

    Try also unsoldering CLK on Wiiclip board and solder J wire directly. Sometimes helps. Be sure Wiiclip is installed properly and all Wiiclip pins match D2E pins (it's quite hard to install properly Wiiclips and could be frequently the cause of issues).

    If nothing of this works you have to send D2PRO back. Probably could be defective. You can also replace it with Wasabi v3, another good modchip for D2E.

    Good luck

    yeah good luck

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    if you bought it from us we offer our customers to install it for them if they can not do it themselves or offer the possibility to exchange for our solderless wasabi2. I would contact the vendor about it.
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