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Thread: Unable To Read Disk

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    Quote Originally Posted by wulfie View Post
    my d2pro9 v2 already shipped from canadamods
    well that's great...they work on everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModderMan View Post
    Lu554 is too low for d2c2 wii's...but there can always be a 1st....but I rather doubt it though.

    clips are finicky... if you don't put it on exactly right the first try...then they get really hard to install....especially on the higher leg counts

    btw...wasn't my site....I don't sell chips with clips.....
    I apologize for saying I bought it from your website, I bought the clip from another website with the word central in it and when i found this forum and started reading I just made the connection that it was your site without thinking about it.

    One other question I have if anyone knows is, when you order a new casing for the wii, does it come with the silver metal thing that covers the drive? Also how difficult is it to put the new casing on?

    Thank you for your time.

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