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Thread: D2Pro 9 Wire Install porblems

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    chip is soldered so he never tried without the chip.... anyone else know??? sound like he did stuff it up then!

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    I have used a D2Pro and solder it to a NeoFlex, with aided align pad, and solder it to a GC2-D2E Wii Chipset. ( very frustrating time trying get the little legs unshorted without solder flux, need magnifier lens 5x or better)
    my results :
    I tried with original games and it works OK
    I tried with backups and nothing, the drive just stop reading after a few noises.
    I tried powering up with everything opened up looking for lights switching on and off at the D2Pro little board and I saw no lights ever not even a second.
    I find out about the jumpers JP1=1 and JP2=0 and they exit to set the region (NTSC USA)
    I checked the connectivity on all the legs for been soldered and they are ok ( no shorts)
    I cleaned up everything with alcohol 90% still no lock

    I think I have three options
    1.- D2Pro is damaged or need update? I started to look in to D2Pro Burn, no straight answer...
    2.- Do not know the version of my D2Pro? It is from last year, the Wii is brand new; Don't know if the version has some relation with this?
    3.- the 5 recently backup games from wiidownloads none of them worked, burned with on DVD+R, 2.4x speed, from ISO 4.37GB size file, using DVD Suit and Express Burn from wiidownloads website.

    A piece of advice of what else to try?
    Greatly appreciated

    Now I have tried DVD-R and the same thing happening the disk just stop after a few seconds
    Now I can see a little red flash on one of the led on the D2Pro board when ever I turn on the wii, but never the other green lite.

    I guess I will need to order a new D2Pro unless somebody around here has another advice????

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