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Thread: is it possible to send files from pc to wii?

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    smb sharing is pretty cool, its just like windows file sharing...just edit the config for the app, like mplayerce has a file called smb.conf, and put in your computers ip and the folder's name and voila, although it didn't work well with music i had on there and for some reason i could access all my pc's drives except C: which is shared but mplayer would not see it but it does work

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    Hello I'm new to this site this is my 1st post.
    Thanks to this site I have hacked my wii and have multiple channels.
    I recently added ftpii to my apps folder and downloaded filezilla ftp.

    When I try to connect to Host I get connection time out connection failed.
    I've put in the wii's IP and port number...

    I was wondering why I'm unable to send files.
    If anyone can help I'd give thanks a many.

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