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Thread: Geexbox problems - wont recognize Wiimote

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    I'm not sure why it's doubling your posts.

    I hope it plays .iso movie files. I figure it might because you can play the .iso files of back up games, which I do regularly. I'm happy I finally figured GeeXbox out - now I don't have to continually move movie and audio files from my HD to my SD card one at a time in order to watch them.

    I usually get movies as .avi as well, however I recently just upgraded my sound system to 5.1 Dolby, and most of the .avi files I find are meant for 2.1. The .iso files I find are all mostly set up for a home theater system, with included subtitles, which is always nice. Nothing like watching a movie or show, then not being able to see what anyone is saying because you forgot to download the subtitles.

    To anyone interested, Watchmen.IMG just completed downloading for me and works fine on GeeXboX. When it was on the DVD menu I had to hold the B button and Plus in order to get it to play. It felt as if it just skipped a chapter for me. I wasn't able to figure out how to navigate the menu.
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    I forgot to say that GeeXbox will read from both usb ports at the same time. I just chanced to see if the wii usb would charge an Mp3 player which it does and I had GeeXbox on and the mp3 player showed up as well as the front SD and my HDD
    Makes me think would file transfer be possible on the wii

    Seen watchmen a few weeks ago on DivX on Geexbox thought it was a good movie has a great soundtrack also
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