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Thread: Brand of DVD's to use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazzaman5 View Post
    I just bought some Verbatim DL DVD-R ... they were not cheap ....
    ImgBurn says it cannot alter the layer break on DVD-R I tried to burn metroid it won't work....
    I've tried using 2 DVD+R DL with the correct layer break and they wont load either ....
    Any suggestions for another brand (dye type, book type) for a +R DL disc??
    Yeah I agree with you that the dual layer DVD's are not cheap. >_<
    Sorry, I haven't had enough experience to help you with ImgBurn. :/ Although with a regular DVD-R disc, I don't think you need to worry about layer breaks. Did you try following the burning guide posted in the forums at: (Step #3)?
    What speed are you burning your discs at with ImgBurn? Usually less than X4 is adequate.
    As for brands...I didn't use dual layer discs, so I can't say much about that, but I have had success with Verbatim DVD-R discs with the AZO-metal dye (the package is orange/blue) which wasn't too expensive compared to the dual layer DVD's (50-pack spindle for $15 at Fry's Electronics).

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