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Thread: New game using DOSBOX on Wii

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    Us New game using DOSBOX on Wii

    Hello Wii Slackers,

    Do you have DOSBOX on your Wii? Why not? Play all the older games with joystick support? Really? I agree you can't beat some of the older games and these new games all have major space issues.

    I recently made a game for the Wii. It is called Brick2015 about collecting stuff while getting chased by a dog. Pretty fun stuff. Joystick is required.

    Please try my new game for the Wii and give me some feedback.

    You can download DOSBOX for wii here.
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    Hack Mii freeze fix

    Install Hermes

    Multi MOD Installer Guide(MMM/WAD Installer)

    cIOX19 base 57 advanced install

    If I have helped don't forget to say thanks!---------

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