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Thread: Case Modding

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    Quote Originally Posted by k750man View Post
    My wii works fine but does not have a front to it.

    I need to buy the front section with the 'Power', 'Reset', 'Eject' buttons and the Memory card door upon it.

    I (obviously) do not want to spend a lot :-)

    Can anyone advise where to buy a front section for a wii (cheaply) or would anyone have one spare or for sale ?

    Hopefully someone can help?

    Many thanks !!
    i got my mod case from Console Source They have a good selection and shipping was affordable. Hooked up a ii case cameleon. Also got the Wiisper fan but realized that the LED's on the case use the same power that the fan would use. So I have the fan but can't use it!

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    I know this is not the write thread to post but i desperately want to change the looks of my Nintendo wii by adding a cool and elegant skin to it. Can anyone here have some suggestion?

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