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Thread: Jasper Jtagged Xbox 500GB

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipmaiorana View Post
    Remember This is Australian Dollars and Jtags are not as gainable as in other countries,
    Now im not saying anything but if you want the jtag comment but if you don't could you leave you comments to yourself?
    In all due fairness the users of the site have a tenancy to try and protect the others from getting ripped off or point out when somebody is asking a ridiculous price they will never get. Especially when the user isn't a regular member or contributor. You have no credibility on the site and could be a scammer for all we know. Your only reason on our site appears to be to push your ridiculously over priced 360. You're probably afraid to post this on a 360 hacking site because you would be laughed off or the thread would be deleted.
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    i wouldn't laugh at his price tag, but give him my smile .......
    never mind !

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