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Thread: WTB Wires for Wii

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    My $3 component cables are better quality than the offical nintendo ones.

    Its not always cheap = crap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ithian View Post
    I'll back him on this. Monoprice is one of those rare sites that really are pure gold, both in service and savings. They're fast, reliable, and offer great stuff.

    *granted I've not ordered Wii-related things there, but I would if I needed to and they had it.
    Monoprice has been hit-or-miss for me. I just purchased these HDMI Baluns from them and they don't work (30-day guarantee so I will get my money back). I have however had luck with a few HDMI cables I've purchased from them. Can't speak for the Wii cables as I buy those from a company in NYC. I agree that you can get a good quality Wii component cable for around $5.
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    I just received my order today (actually pretty fast from California to New Brunswick).
    The Power Adapter and Sensor bar works great, but there is interference in the component cable, Created a RMA on, within 5 minutes I got a reply from them saying that they will send me a replacement cable and that I can thrash the one I got, pretty good service, I just hope the other one is going to comein fast
    If any of you are interested I took a few pictures of the cables I can post them later on if there is any interest

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