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Thread: UK - Wode & Wasabi DX

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    UK - Wode & Wasabi V5 with Wii Clip

    For United Kingdom & Ireland buyers only

    I have softmodded my Wii and no longer need this items. The Wasabi is a simple press fit installation, and the wode only requires a couple of push connections at the back of wii drive. Both of these are great options for those who don't want to risk bricking their Wii.

    When connected to a USB HDD, the Wode is an awseome backup manager. Much better than letting the kids trash your £40 games.

    Wode £60 delivered
    Wasabi £10 delivered.

    I'm sure you all know what these do, but heres the links in case you need to read up :-

    Wode :-
    Wasabi :-

    Any questions - just ask.

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