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Thread: Wii Bricked, Possible fix?

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    I'm gonna loo info up and get back to you.....

    What is your serial number??

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    Hey, I'm the roommate of this person

    I'm more savvy when it comes to the modding community, and a native English speaker. Let me just go over what we have tried very briefly to avoid any confusion:

    Roommate's Broken Wii shall henceforth be known as WiiA, Serial# LU103362661, ConsoleID 0405e66a
    Roommate's Brother's Working Wii shall henceforth be known as WiiB, Serial# LU383297554, ConsoleID 04cd9d4e

    No backup of WiiA's original (pre-modded) nand.bin exists.

    When no SD card is inserted in WiiA, WiiA won't start, the blue light from the disk slot blinks once then flickers.
    When SD card with Boot Mii is inserted AND the power button is held down, WiiA starts into the BootMii menu.

    WiiB boots fine to both BootMii and the Wii System Menu.

    We backed up what WiiA using BootMii and saved the nand.bin and keys.bin
    While WiiA's nand.bin is probably useless (restoring it would have no effect as it is a backup of WiiA while it was broken), the keys.bin file seems to contain good information (At least valid information with the correct device ID)

    I don't have much experience with Wii modding, however, from my understanding the nand.bin is simply a dump of the Wii firmware, meaning that a nand.bin from WiiB might be flashable to WiiA in order to restore WiiA to the same condition that WiiB is in.

    We tried this and were presented with the error that the nand.bin was from a different Wii, so we did some research.

    We read that in order to do this, you need to replace the last 1024B from WiiB's nand.bin (If the last 1024B from WiiB's nand were the contents of WiiB's keys.bin) with the contents of WiiA's keys.bin

    We did this and the error about the nand.bin being from another Wii disappeared but instead we were presented with this error:
    Boot1 Mismatch

    We did some more research and found that someone had solved this problem by inspecting the differences between their broken Wii's nand.bin and their working Wii's nand.bin between the offset of 0 and E7A60. The person said they had to replace some ECC data? (Not sure what that is) Since we didn't know which specific data to replace, we simply took the content between the offsets from the WiiA nand.bin and placed them in the WiiB nand.bin

    Once we did this, all errors had disappeared and the restore process seemed to be humming along well. However, one thing we noticed was that the first 8 blocks were not being processed. I assumed this was just because the first 8 blocks are where BootMii lives, so it wouldn't make sense (or might not be possible) to write over those bits, so bootmii restore simply skipped them.

    After this process completed, we restarted the Wii and nothing happened: it was in the same state as it was before we tried to fix it.

    edit: i added the console information
    here is the website i found about the boot1 mismatch error,29102
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