plz. make sure that you use 4.3e since your from germany this will keep you from bricking the wii. it is best to use only regions that your wii states in system or on the system. sorry i didnt replied quicker. ALso looking at what your saying my replied to that is the following; Try this it call savemii , you must have a new game never played, a gamecube controller, now take a part the controller you will need the rubber piece to place on the d pad. plug in the controller into the wii in the four slot, make sure you have every thing unplug from the back andthe wii off. hold down all four buttons on the dpad and start the wii. you wii see the ver of the wii in under 30secs of the start. then place the new game after you see this verison number allow for it to run for about 5min and restart the wii. and you will be unbricked.