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Thread: Worked great for months, now I get a black screen with Homebrew apps./4.3U SmashStack

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    Final step was using Multi Mod Manager to load Wii Brew edition of Dop-Mii. I had to mess around with IOS configurations since Dop Mii kept giving me an exception then crash. I reinstalled both versions of IOS58, and also IOS36. Performed a SysCheck within Dop and I exited. Don't really understand, but now my homebrew apps work again.
    Thanks to both of you guys. I love the Wiihacks community. Thanks!

    Update: Turns out I am just stupid. HBC wouldn't start because I had a usb hard drive plugged in (not even powered on). Doesn't explain the other problems I had, but the bottom line is it works. It's frustrating that I spent 10+ hours messing with it, but the bright side is that I learned alot about all this stuff and now can help others.
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