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Thread: System Files Corrupted: Non-modded Wii...have tried everything please help

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    Ok...I've just tried the NANDformatter guide and was able to download and extract the files to a freshly formatted Sandisk SD card. I then launched the SettingEdit program and saved the file to the SD root as "setting.txt" per the guide's instructions. The NAND backup functioned as expected, but when I go to the SD card after the NAND backup, it is blank. According to the guide, I should have the option to scroll to "NANDFO~1.ELF", but the screen is totally blank. Could it have something to do with selecting yes or no for encryption when saving the setting.txt file? I can see all the files on SD as expected when used on my computer, so I know that they're there. Ideas?

    UPDATE: I restarted the Wii after doing the NANDbackup and was able to launch the Wiiboot menu with the "NANDFO~1.ELF". It loaded the WADs and restarted as expected. I've just configured the settings and will try loading the system from Super Mario Bros.

    UPDATE 2: Seems to work!!!! Thanks everyone for the feedback!
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