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Thread: Bricked Wii???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad_Ad84 View Post
    Put the drive from your broken Wii into this new Wii.
    Drive? Everything works on this one but to get the Gamma loader to work i need to change the cios. Since its a 4.2 Wii i need to use Dop mii and then Cios 38. Otherwise when you load the gamma laoder it gives just a black screen. Am i correct on this.Oh is it possible to save any of my game saves from my broken Wii or am i sol.

    **Edit** Read this thread Link Yea its old. Will any of those options mentioned in the 4th post or so work for my Fully Bricked Wii. My Bricked Wii is a launch console.
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    My post was under the assumption your new console has the new type of drive that will not read DVDR, your old wii has the older drive that will read DVDR.

    If its a new console, it will not read DVDR regardless of what you do with cios.

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