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Thread: Full low-level brick, sugguestions needed

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    From a friend that worked at a electronics distributor, so got a little discount =P

    But I scouted eBay for them, a couple where in the range of 9-18$ a piece, with shipping around 5-10$, so I guess its good to know somebody who knows somebody

    And yeah what Bad_Ad84 said about the type
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad_Ad84 View Post
    He isnt talking about those type of sockets.

    look at the first link of mine a few posts up.

    second link is the type you are thinking of.
    That makes more sense, I still could've saved some money if I saw your post prior to making a purchase. I just didn't want to order the wrong thing so I went with the model # Deadlyfoez gave and only found them in a few places.
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