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Thread: Another Brick Problem (Help? ;P)

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    Hey guys just wanted to give an update on the situation. I finally managed to save the console reformatting the nand. I found out that somehow ios 249 appeared missing along some other Ios's and the homebrew channel wasn't there either. (maybe nintendo bricked it while on standby :P). I got MMM running and installed hbc and tried everything adding ios's, fixing, dop, pimp my wii app, upgrade sys menu, downgrade sys menu. I could play games through neogamma but after the health screen it always says files corrupted. I'm sure there had to be a way that didn't involve reformat but i'm lazy :P Now stage 2. System menu only has the game disc channel nothing else. I gotta install all the channels including everything homebrew. Gonna take a while. Also how do I know what to edit for homebrew. Start from scratch? Thanks streamlinehd and mauifrog for helping

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    You will have to reinstall all the IOS in the wad manager pack and then you can use dop-mii to to reinstall the other channels (weather, mii-channel, etc.). You can also run a legit game with system menu 4.1 like new super mario and it will install all of this from disk.

    You will have to softmod again from scratch since you are starting with a clean slate.
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